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How to unlock baofeng uv 5r

how to unlock baofeng uv 5r The UV 985 is 50US. img file into a new Baofeng radio. Jun 28 2015 Hello. The Baofeng DM 5R has apparently had a firmware upgrade to allow Tier 2 digital operation. UV 5R Programmer lies within System Utilities more precisely Device Assistants. The unit itself has felt solid and performed well with the stock battery offering days of monitoring and learning worth of charge. Baofeng UV 5R. in early 2013 and the N5R firmware tweak in August of 2014. 4. In order to be Part 90 approved the UV 82C comes with the VFO locked out and narrowband. You have to be a registered member to unlock the full potential of this site. I 39 ve found the following accessories to be useful. You may not know how to use the Baofeng UV 5R to program channels but we will get into that in another video. LED Flashlight 3. Trying to upload your freq file on to my Baofeng UV 5R BUT the Chirp program will not Trans to Radio . Luckily the BaoFeng comes standard with CHIRP support. RT Systems Radio Programming Software makes it easy for you to set up the memory channels and other menu parameters in your radio. Page 2 Baofeng UV 5RA Quick Start Guide If displayed Reverse function enabled If displayed Narrowband enabled Amount of battery charge remaining. BAOFENG BF F8 VHF 136 174 UHF 400 520MHZ HAM FM 2 WAY RADIO WALKIE TALKIE 32. Sep 23 2016 Favorite BaoFeng Radios include the BaoFeng UV 5R line the BaoFeng BF 888s the BaoFeng UV 82 line and the BaoFeng GT line. 7250 MHz and any other licensed band in a single device. For programming I ve had good luck with both the Baofeng UV_5R_VIP and CHIRP 4. ca Product Description. NOT BANNED. These simple steps are easy to memorize but if we don 39 t use it often having a tip sheet will help. I figure the UV 5R radios make sense as I can inhibit transmit on certain channels. Aug 21 2020 BaoFeng radios can give a power output of up to 8 watts as well as channel steps for as low as 2. Each radio comes with a nbsp Buy UV5R USB Battery Charger Replacement for Baofeng UV 5R UV 5RE DM 5R Portable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie from Walmart Canada. It is a very impressive piece of technology for the money about 30 . 5625 462. Ranging between 25 35 in most online outlets the Chinese have essentially cornered the market for getting on the air locally cheap. It 39 s designed for a specific Alinco Baofeng ICOM Kenwood Jetstream Wouxon or Yaesu radio and others you program your radio without having to work your way through choices that don 39 t relate to your particular radio model. Baofeng UV 5R Comparison Chart. L ior Elazary provides informations regarding the hacks of a chinese dual band radio Lior posted descriptions of the work on hes rig. Turn on the radio and press the MENU button. The UV 5R series covers 136 174 400 520 MHz The UV 5RAX series covers 136 174 220 260 MHz For reference The 136 174 MHz range 150 The 220 260 MHz range 220 The 400 520 MHz range 450 Note 1 CAUTION Why the radio was setup this way I don 39 t know but that is one of the peculiarities of the Baofeng UV 5R radios and why most people opt for the USB programming cable. The antennas above provide the best upgrade for the Baofeng UV 5R Ham radio. It will download FROM the radio. 86 8. H 4 watt transmission power is set. Note Flipping the frequency step size Menu Option 9 back and forth has been found to resolve a problem with tone 1750 Hz when you are unable to transmit successfully. BaoFeng Introduced the UV 5R Dual Band Dual Display radio in 2012. BAND This button switches between the VHF and UHF frequencies set on the radio. A long press of the octothorpe key will lock the keyboard or unlock it. TinHatRanch. X. 5 kHz on the BaoFeng. 99 Baofeng Enlarged Batterie 3800mAh Li ion Battery ForUV 5R BF F8 BF F8HP DM 5R Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Black 18. Jan 19 2017 I have 2 Baofeng uv5ra units. How to reset a Baofeng UV 5R without using the Menu button. Do not use any portable radio that has a damaged antenna. Baofeng UV5R Layout amp Keypad Functions 1. UV 5RG UV 5RQ UV 5RT UV 5RU UV 5S. So put in the repeater INPUT frequency go back to MENU mode then push 27 for the memory channel you want then push MENU and go to the SAME memory channel that you programmed in Programming manually a Baofeng radio especially the model UV 5R is possible using the own keypad of the radio. The current version of Chirp is 0. baofeng bf f8hp gmrs. As with all transceivers the newest firmware determines the newest radio. Aug 20 2020 RF Output Power 7W. The UV3R is However that was only the beginning. Jun 12 2013 The Baofeng UV5r radios are a great bargain at a low low price that is affordable for most radio operators. Apr 18 2020 The version BF F8HP High Power is the updated version of UV 5R radio. How to manually program public safety frequencies into your Baofeng UV 5R. Below Is A Link to The YouTube Video Recommended By BaoFeng Tech Support Baofeng UV 5RTP Tri Power 8 4 1W Two Way Radio Transceiver Upgraded Version of UV 5R with Tri Power Dual Band 136 174 400 520MHz True 8W High Power Two Way Radio 4. 706K views 6 years ago nbsp 15 Apr 2018 To lock and unlock the keypad. So what about it makes 11 Feb 2018 Click and hold the button to unlock the radio. One of the most impressive things about the UV 5R MK4 is that it offers the best of both worlds in the form of a surprisingly easy programming and a great overall performance. Discussion about October 1st is the deadline for purchasing Baofeng UV 5R 2 way radios. I did this and used my Baofeng as a receiver only nbsp To Lock Unlock Keypad press the lock key until you hear lock a small key symbol will appear next to the battery indicator Baofeng UV5R. Before the radio will use these frequencies the band limits have to be expanded to include these frequencies so the VHF band limits were also expanded to cover 128 270 MHz. If you re not familiar with CHIRP it s effectively an open source free to use radio programming software. The model is there but it is not pertinent as I am wondering if the frequency is somehow coded or modulated in a way that a BAOFENG UV 5R is not designed to receive due to regulations against just anyone being able to receive the transmissions. The manual says to reset the radio to go into the menu nbsp Amazon. 2. tyt th f8 th uvf9 thuvf9 package contain 1 x car battery eliminator for two way radio blue The Baofeng UV 5R V2 is a slightly grown up version of the UV 5R adding a couple of updates to the chassis and the ability to use a larger battery. Baofeng is a market leader in its segment and the Baofeng UV 5R is one of the most popular and common dual band walkie talkie two way radios on the market over the entire hamradio planet. KG UV Commander for KG UVD1P KG UV2D KG UV3D KG UV Commander for KG UV6D Commander Features Read from radio write to radio Baofeng UV 5R Programming. BaoFeng UV 5R Radio Background. 0. So upgrade to the latest daily build as soon as you can. Besides it is decided to meet all your needs when using or learning DMR with the most cost effective price. The BaoFeng radios are great and are available at a great price. 100 new factory packed and never been used. Compared to previous BaoFeng radios the UV 82C radios come with a much louder speaker 1 watt a more solid case with larger buttons and a new chipset and PCB board that outperforms the range accuracy and output of the previous BaoFeng chipsets. I am new to HAM radio. Dec 07 2012 I don 39 t have the UV 5R but the UV B5 however I 39 ve programmed a few of the 5R 39 s. 86 8 nbsp 10 Aug 2016 Follow the instructions below to manually program your Baofeng UV 5R direct from the keypad of the radio. The UV 5R has seen 2 major changes since its launch with the second generation being signified by BFB297 Firmware 2nd Gen. Baofeng Radio US is the Authorized Distributor of Baofeng products introducing new range of Baofeng radios. There is now an updated model from Baofeng called GT 3. Important note if you wait more than 9 seconds between any step below it will automatically go back to home screen and you have to start again so work those fingers baby Press Menu button Press 25 on keypad. So far the Baofeng UV 5R seems to be a steal of a deal. It mounts on the back of the radio connects to the SP MIC jack and is powered by the radio s battery. With the purchase you will receive V 85 Antenna Power Adapter Earpiece Belt Clip Hand Strap Battery Charger User Manual. I recently got a pair of Baofeng UV 5R radios. baofeng bf f8hp antenna upgrade. This is a shortcoming from the manufacturer but many experts have found a solution to this fault thus making it easier for BaoFeng lovers to use the device. com website content then my two cents on the subject. Dec 18 2012 The Tonfa UV 985 is an 8 watt dual band HT with a form factor shape like the Baofeng UV 5R. They are far cheaper than handing the kids 396xt and 536hp scanners. Apr 11 2017 I have one if those as well. Jul 08 2020 Baofeng Cheat Sheet. Would that make a difference And it has columns your list doesn t have. The Baofeng UV 5B is under 40US now. Share Save. BAOFENG UV 5R BFF8 PLUS BF F9 UV 5RA UV5RA PLUS UV 5RB UV 5RC UV 5RD UV 5RE. BUT for other models UV 5R and others the battery case has to be modified to fit. Apr 02 2020 Baofeng UV 5R There is a lot more to see than what it displayed here. This rather industrious individual has been working on replacing the main CPU in his Baofeng UV 5R transceiver. I didn 39 t and still don 39 t know anything about what I bought HAM radio vs quot bubble pack quot radios . For users that are new to portable programming it s difficult to program due to a lack of Baofeng s support and because of its poorly written user manual. But as popular as it is the BaoFeng radio is quite difficult to program. gt jump to recommendation HAM Radio bands gt jump to FRS GMRS MURS Marine PLMRS Many preparedness minded people have purchased at least a pair of the popular BaoFeng UV 5R or variants thereof 2 way radio. Baofeng Black UV 5R V2 Plus Baofeng Black UV 5R V2 Plus tops the list of the best and popular two way radios in the brand. I see your columns heading are different from the radios columns. Sep 25 2018 Most of the Chinese made radios e. Extremely popular the Baofeng is a compact handheld radio capable of transmitting with 4 watts of power across 136 174 MHz and 400 480 MHz frequencies. Make your own chirp guide If you don 39 t have the cable don 39 t worry. The trip is a couple nbsp Use only BAOFENG supplied or approved batteries and chargers. I have a new UV5R radio that I want to program now for use when I get my tech license so everything 39 s nice and legal. Knob ON OFF volume 4. 5. When it comes to using the UV 82HP as is the case with most radios you must first program the device. BaoFeng BF F8HP UV 5R 3rd Gen 8 Watt Dual Band Two Way Radio 136 174MHz VHF amp 400 520MHz UHF Includes Full Kit with Large Battery Upgrades from our Previous Generation UV 5R Twice the Output Power 8 watts up from 4 watts output New Hardened Durable Radio Shell 30 Larger Battery V 85 High Gain Antenna Twice the Antenna Performance Perfect i use this for my Baofeng UV5Ra amp 888s radios using the Chirp program free online it 39 s a perfect fit in both radios if you move the plastic cover on the radio properly out of the way amp using this amp Chirp enabled me to unlock more of a frequency range on my UV5Ra program amp save all my channels with the option of naming them amp clone all the channels to other radios i plan on baofeng BF F9V2 The BF F9 V2 is the next level of ham radio improving on the top of the line UV 5R V2 model with the new addition of Tri Power functionality This includes unsurpassed transmission power of 8 watts as the most impressive Baofeng ever made to date. See full list on bytebang. They re so cheap you just buy one because you can you may rarely use it but for 20 it doesn t matter. 8 hours ago How to unlock baofeng uv 5r How to unlock baofeng uv 5r. 04 29 12 However that was only the beginning. Due to the size of the radio there s no keyboard input. I live in Greece and the laws regarding radios are insane Anything that can receive outside of the designated HAM frequencies 144 146 430 440 is considered illegal and can lead to fines and jail time. baofeng bff8hp. Or a CB radio with single side band SSB . Since its introduction the UV 5R has seen a massive success. Harmonics suppression seems to be improved. From a first glance it looked like the CPU could be flashed. These are not my own but an article found on the internet from DG2IAQ and KX3DX. The and keys on the other hand have actual secondary functions scan and keypad lock respectively. Its a dual band ham radio and im not sure of the exact specs off hand but i do know that the max tx is 480mhz but max rx is 520. Baofeng UV5R 136 174 400 480 MHz Dual Band DTMF CTCSS DCS FM Ham You 39 ll need to buy the programming wire so that you can unlock their full nbsp It 39 ll be easier just to buy a programming cable and use the free Chirp software to turn off transmit permanently. This should also work for all 2 pin cable compatible radios from other manufacturers as long as they use the same pin out. But beetle Chirp is so much better Ok I admit some like it some don 39 t but it does work. You can now buy a Baofeng UV 5R dual bander on Amazon for 23. I 39 ve used both the CHIRP and Baofeng software 39 s and I prefer the Baofeng program but that 39 s just me. Summary of Contents for Baofeng UV 5R Plus Page 1 Quick User s Guide to The Yellow Radio What follows covers basic steps needed to effectively communicate using this radio specifically Turning the radio on and adjusting the volume Selecting the proper channel for communication and Fundamentals of talking on the radio. However it is well known that the UV 5R struggles to meet the FCC Part 97 emission requirements. The UV 5R TP is a new model with 3 power levels. My dad was I bought a UV5R in case of emergencies but I 39 ll be damned if I know how and what to tune it too. baofeng bf f8hp frequencies. If displayed Key pad is locked. Classifieds Parts Classifieds Body Exterior Armor Classifieds Axle Suspension Classifieds Engine Transmission Transfer Case Feb 08 2018 Baofeng RD 5R is a cooperation model and RD represents Radioddity who is the only distributor to honor the manufacturer warranty. If you do not mind spending some extra bucks on the ham then this Baofeng Black UV 5R V2 Plus model is ideal for you. Admin You can set the power to 1W and the deviation to 2. SFT D. Reply. However you get what you pay for. You can unlock unrestrict these frequencies using the CHIRP software. Do not use any Press quot key for 2 seconds to lock unlock the keypad. BAOFENG UV 5R MEMORY PROGRAMMING TIP SHEET If you own one of these radios you might want to print this and keep a copy in your go kit your glove compartment of your car or in your smart phone tablet or computer. Baofeng UV 3R Plus Kenwood Plug Baofeng UV 3R Mark II Dual Display UV X4 UV 5R Documents Manual UV 3R Manual UV 5R Specs UV 3R Specs UV 5R Menu Options UV 3R Cheat Sheet by ZL2GVA UV 3R Internals Integrated Circuits Internals Integrated Circuits 2 Firmware Color Options Baofeng Info Vero Global Telecom Info UV 3R Manufacturer Oct 31 2019 Here is a reminder on an upcoming rule change by the FCC On September 30 2019 it will become illegal to sell or offer for sale advertise radios like the popular Baofeng UV 5R that can operate in the FRS radio band 462. Manuals amp Software. I think you don 39 t have to specifically set it to transmit 0Hz anything out of range of the 5R should mean that it won 39 t transmit. I noticed in the CHIRP software under settings other settings that I can change the upper and lower VHF UHF frequencies. Apr 27 2013 Unlike what was said the Wouxun you CAN set the Baofeng s transmitter to OFF for the Weather channel I won t QRM anyone if I accidentally hit the PTT while listening to the weather station. But I hate it. Baofeng UV 3R Plus Kenwood Plug Baofeng UV 3R Mark II Dual Display UV X4 UV 5R Documents Manual UV 3R Manual UV 5R Specs UV 3R Specs UV 5R Menu Options UV 3R Cheat Sheet by ZL2GVA UV 3R Internals Integrated Circuits Internals Integrated Circuits 2 Firmware Color Options Baofeng Info Vero Global Telecom Info UV 3R Manufacturer Baofeng DM 5R and DMR 15 Oct 2016. A B Button Switches between the active listening and transmitting channels. I normally use an external mic speaker on my handsets but that 39 s not always doable so this little mod would be great. 4V 1800 mah nbsp BaoFeng UV 5R Series FAQs Page. 7 out of 5 stars 38. I was hoping to be able to listen to 800mhz range frequencies as that is what our local law enforcement use. Cheap Walkie Talkie Buy Quality Cellphones amp Telecommunications Directly from China Suppliers IP68 2020 Upgrade uv9r Baofeng UV 9R plus 50km walkie talkie 10W hf two way radio vhf uhf ham radio long range CB radio station Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Apr 07 2012 Manually Programming the BAOFENG UV 3R Transceiver This document provides more detailed instructions concerning manual programming of your BAOFENG UV 3R VHF UHF handheld ham radio transceiver. This easy to use radio will deliver you secure instant and reliable communications at peak efficiency. 5 MB. Layout amp Keypad nbsp 29 Jun 2018 What about the Baofeng UV 5R amateur radio and their ilk Another reason to know how to lock and unlock your radio is it may become nbsp 25 Sep 2018 So if you 39 re an American who hasn 39 t already got a Baofeng or similar you Evil Baofeng UV 5R because 1992 Kenwood TH 78 totally couldnt nbsp The Baofeng UV 5R is a premium range full featured two way radio and hand held transceiver with long range capabilities up to 5 km. LCD 5. Basically it is a work not 92 begingroup I can confirm setting an offset works to disable transmit for frequencies in VFO mode on the UV 5R. 99 via Woot The SWLing Post. Not without its flaws though and one of them is the cryptic and incomplete manual. 92 endgroup jason97m Dec 31 39 16 at 16 06 Baofeng UV 5R Qualette Blue Baofeng Bf 888s x2 Boafeng UV 5B Licence Short Range VHF Marine Licence Simple UK Light. Baofeng Pofung UV5R UVB5 FAQ Drivers Software Accessories Basic Keypad Layout Miklor outdoors hunting camping SHTF GMRS radio communications antenna battery electronics scanners digital computer software hardware laptop iPad iPhone eBay music radio Keypad Programming the BaoFeng UV 5R. 5 145 views5. Display The LCD on the Baofeng UV 5R is backlit by multi colour LEDs the colour of which can be pre set from the menu system into a variety of Follow up model UV 5R. However I soon got bored of just listening around and wanted to see what can be done with this radio. seconds will unlock the keypad . Nov 28 2018 Buy 2PCS BaoFeng UV S9 Powerful Walkie Talkie CB Radio Transceiver 8W 10km Long Range Portable Radio set for hunt forest amp city Jul 22 2013 I looked over the spec 39 s on that Smiley antenna and it seems that they are similar the commet SMA 24J and the Diamond SRJ77CA. I found some information online from someone who needed to change the TX modulations. Can 39 t unlock Baofeng UV XR. Buy Baofeng UV 5R 4th Generation Black Knight 136 174 400 520mHZ Two Way Radio Professional FM nbsp Baofeng UV 5R Step by Step Programming Guide. Your question could he read as asking how to do it. Some similar cheaper Press key for 2 seconds to lock unlock the keypad. Oct 20 2016 A video which has surfaced online appearing to show a Baofeng DM 5R communicating with a Motorola Digital Radio. There are a number of similar two pin connectors that may look identical but are not compatible. I found a lot of info the past couple of days and literally just pulled these off my BF888s and loaded them on the UV 5R. Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is safe. Please read this manual carefully before use. Turn off your radio prior to entering any area with explosive and flammable materials. They offer amazing frequency coverage 2 meter 70 cm FRS GMRS MURS Public service Frequencies NOAA weather frequencies Marine VHF. The videos showing the UV 5R picking up airband don 39 t explain how they are doing it. send comments suggestions or corrections to UV 5R KC9HI. Cost brand new with shipping 25 to 30 with charger battery everything. It is model BL 5L. Aug 29 2020 If you use your UV 5R for FRS frequency you are going to be breaking FCC rules. VFO MR frequency mode . Dec 13 2017 So you 39 ve reset your Baofeng UV 5R Dual Band Two Way Radio and now it 39 s speaking in Chinese. Description With this car battery eliminator you can power the listed two way radio models directly from your car cigar lighter receptacle. 7 Mar 2018 How To Program The Baofeng UV 5R Tin Hat Ranch. I test for a tech license in a couple weeks no problem. 10. would make it illegal to operate a Baofeng on ham bands How to Unlock Your Phone. Holding the tiny Baofeng UV 3R ham radio Setting up the UV 3R for GB3DA. Specifications 7. Not all models of Baofeng carry FCC Part 90 certification and use on Part 90 requires an expensive license anyway. 5 KHz. quot into Baofeng B w oh Fung HT Radios UV 5R UV 6R BF F8 GT3 and all variants of the UV 5R including the BF F8HP UV 5X3 and UV 82 series These instructions begin with the BuyTwoWayRadios. It comes with great features at a perfect price. This page contains resources for troubleshooting and resolving known and unknown issues with the Baofeng UV 5R and other Baofeng series radios. First thing I changed it put a dual band 19 inch long antenna. Just get the cable because the Baofeng software it comes with is only slightly better than the Baofeng manual the radio comes with. As it 39 s designed for commercial and PMR use in addition to amateur radio there 39 s nothing to stop it from transmitting outside of any particular band so care needs to be taken when programming the transmit frequencies 39 parameters. This article will teach you how to set up the UV 5R and how to program frequencies into the memory by hand. But let 39 s get one thing straight the Baofeng UV 5R is NOT a CB radio. Baofeng UV 5R keypad The numeric keys have their secondary function printed on them in reality it 39 s rather menu short cuts more on that in Chapter 4 Working the menu system . Many imported radios use Kenwood compatible 2 pin connector including Baofeng and Wouxun. 26. Page 3 Baofeng UV 5RA Quick Start Guide Right contact negative contact. michael September 23 2016 at 1 10 pm. net Long Name Description Settings Notes Global Reference for UV 5R Menus by Jim Unroe KC9HI 27 August 2013 Menu Number Short Name MR Channel Mode VFO Frequency Mode Separate VFO A amp B Settings Stored on a Per Channel Basis PTT ID Delay milliseconds Settings BFB290 Jul 30 2013 Hi I need your help. The usual charger AC adapter wrist strap and belt clip round out the goodies. Jul 01 2016 Follow the steps below to reset a Baofeng UV 5R BF F9 BF F8 UV B6 or UV 82 two way radio from Buy Two Way Radios. A very basic owners manual is also in the box. 99 Baofeng UV 9R 8W 136 174 400 520MHZ VHF UHF Dual Band Dustproof Waterproof IP67 Transceiver Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio Nov 20 2019 Baofeng uv 82hp programming. Jun 27 2015 Baofeng UV5R was hacked . Nov 22 2015 Baofeng UV 5r changing frequency limits posted in Technical Discussion Hey I picked up a Baofeng UV 5r which I am using as a scanner. com That page gives you access to all their radio software. Whether you are a casual boater or a seagoing professional this article provides the marine channels you need for programming modern VHF UHF radios with the international frequencies for ships yachts motorboats ferries sailboats cruise ships freighters tankers industrial docks skiffs riverboats inflatables aquatic sports Cheap Walkie Talkie Buy Quality Cellphones amp Telecommunications Directly from China Suppliers IP68 2020 Upgrade uv9r Baofeng UV 9R plus 50km walkie talkie 10W hf two way radio vhf uhf ham radio long range CB radio station Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide Limited Time Sale Easy Return. KG UV Commander by Jim Mitchell Free programming software for the Wouxun dual band radios. UV 5RE PLUS . Opening the Radio. These are my recommended brands. Free shipping Apr 11 2017 I have one if those as well. Hit the menu button enter the number 7. KEYPAD IMENU1key To enter the menu of the radio and confirm the setting. Anonymous September 24 2012 at 11 53 AM. Is this because of the firmware can I override the settings using CHIRP or do I quot just quot need to enter some magic keyboard sequence to quot unlock quot the frequency ranges Holding down 3 on startup shows BFB297 holding down 6 on startup shows 130406N B5R0001. Yes that s 1 16th of what I paid for my FT 470 about 23 years ago. 5 out of 5 stars 235 35. 25 from our software library for free. baofeng bf f8hp ctcss. This battery will work on the standard UV 5R radios with no modifications. Press the DOWN arrow key to choose VFO. The size of the latest downloadable installation package is 2. Here 39 s a link to download the Baofeng software Services_BAOFENG official website_baofengradio. Press MENU. To perform a VFO Reset 1. The information is available on his page packed with images and videos and source codes. Delete. Programming the BaoFeng UV 5R This little dual band plus Broadcast Band transceiver is amazing value for money. Baofeng makes Great little radios and a real bang for the buck. How to fix a Baofeng UV 5R that stops receiving after CHIRP file is uploaded Resolving an issue that occurs after loading a CHIRP . If the does not appear on the LCD screen your radio keypad buttons are Aug 03 2014 BaoFeng UV 5R 37 on Amazon or BaoFeng UV 5R V2 35 50 on Amazon or Rugged Radios RH 5R 85 or _____ The original BaoFeng and the Rugged Ragio RH 5R are the same radio. Is there any software where I could unlock the transmit range on it to be able to transmit on 487. If Miles answer doesn 39 t address it maybe I can. PRESS AND HOLD TO LOCK UNLOCK KEYS. If you re into fixing and breaking things then this article is a must try. Mar 23 2013 While I was searching around for information for the UV5R hacking I have previously done I came across some schematics for the UV3R. Looks like Baofeng and Tonfa are divisions of same company from the looks of radio and its nomenclature. The UV 5R has the capability of not only transmitting on unauthorized frequencies but a powers greater than authorized for FRS. 2 out of 5 stars 45 16. baofeng bf f8hp antenna. Baofeng UV 5R EX User Manual Version 2. It is currently not a good idea to use the v0. This radio compiles an amazing amount of settings it has a lasting and reliable high power battery and a wide range. The size design options and software are unique to this radio. Re From Baofeng regarding the UV 5R ban . com baofeng 24 Jun 2013 I did something with the crazy radio and now it is locked and can not change anything. Replies. Free shipping Hey gang to help out some folks new to comms this is going to be a quick and easy programming guide to get up and running with the Baofeng UV 5R software. Special Note for UV 82 series The UV 82 series supports dual PTT Belt clip The belt clip used by TYT MD 380 Retevis RT3 and Baofeng UV 5R series also fit the GD 77 Multi bay charger There is a multi bay charging station available for the TYT MD 380 this will also work for the GD 77 Credit Joe Szperlak The Baofeng UV 5R allows for customization of both the power on message via computer link only and the backlight colour during the three states of the transceiver Transmit Receive and Standby . Press MENU to choose RESET. BAOFENG UV 5R Turn ON OFF and Adjust volume turn knob on top Lock Keypad Press and hold LOCK repeat to unlock Memory Recall Memory mode and VFO mode Hacking the Baofeng UV5R. Remove the two screws on the back near the battery release switch watch out for the spring and remove the two screws on the back of the r BAOFENG UV 5R Turn ON OFF and Adjust volume turn knob on top Lock Keypad Press and hold LOCK repeat to unlock Memory Recall Memory mode and VFO mode At the time of writing this is the latest in the series of Baofeng handheld amateur radio transceivers which started with the popular Baofeng UV 3R Availability For many of us in the UK the way to get hold of Baofeng radios has traditionally been via the various eBay stores in the far East. Since I have other frequencies in mine and don amp 039 t want the police frequencies stored I switch it to frequency mode n Feb 20 2016 Radio communication is an integral part of nautical life. baofeng bf f8hp unlock frequencies. Hit the VFO Memory button to enter quot frequency mode quot VFO 3. A key will be displayed How To Program The Baofeng UV 5R Tin Hat Ranch. OFF. Jun 05 2018 For less than the cost of a decent dinner out for two people a full featured short to medium distance communication tool the Baofeng UV 5R can be purchased. Side Key 1 CALL radio alarm For Christmas I got a Baofeng UV5R radio which is a real cheep 40 ham radio. This is just a quick blog post where I want to report that the two radios are almost identical and I successfully programmed with the Chirp software the Baofeng GT 3. PUSH AND HOLD MON FOR LIGHT. Note that some cables are for the baby brother of the UV 5R the UV 3R Don t get that it uses a different connector. I have done some modification on my radio and I can say that the Continue reading quot Some hardware modifications for Baofeng s UV5R UV82 quot Baofeng UV5R Setting up and programming your UV 5R. 00 00 12 Download all 3 Baofeng BF5R files into a directory on your PC BF5R_CPS. 99. For use on radios that use SMA female such as the Baofeng UV 5R a simple inexpensive adapter can be added in the checkout to mate the antenna to the radio. You can find all of this information in the little instruction booklet that accompanies this radio but that text may not be very clear. If a damaged antenna comes into contact with your skin a minor burn can result. Let s program a Baofeng UV 5R Radio with CHIRP software to get the job done. Here are some tips and resources I 39 ve found to help me use them. If the radio is in channel mode turn off the radio then press and hold MENU while turning on the radio 2. But that 39 s about all. Feb 18 2020 Baofeng UV 5R There is a lot more to see than what it displayed here. Jul 10 2014 The Baofeng UV 5R radio has a keypad lock function. Accessories. The circuit is still based on the RDA1846 transceiver chip so most of the above is still true for the new model. This puts it in a class with the BF F8HP BF F9V2 and the GT 3TP. . Apr 22 2018 A 2000 mAh battery again an improvement over the stock UV 5R battery. The Baofeng line of radios are VHF UHF radios working in the 100 to 500 MHZ range. The UV 5R was chosen because it is a low cost easy to find radio that can transmit The accessory jack on the Baofeng UV 5R is a Kenwood compatible two 2 pin design. Shop for more nbsp . You will want to hit Menu StormShadow wrote from studying how the Baofeng UV 5r works I have a feeling that this radio could be hacked with modified programming software so that the radio can go continuous from VHF into UHF without any gaps covering 200MHz and 300MHz frequencies right up to 520 MHz with no gaps. CAB 2 523 748 bytes ver. When the shtf no one will care about the FCC one way or another. Programming methods setting up a Baofeng for tactical use. Discussion in 39 General Technical Questions and Answers 39 started by SPECTRUMX Oct 29 2012. The Baofeng UV 5R is a great cheap little radio but it 39 s notoriously difficult to use with poor documentation. The QuanSheng TG UV2 isn t one of the most popular models nor is it the prettiest one but it sure is one of the cheapest. 3. These are cheap radios of course but one of the neatest things is that they are cheap partly because they have a lot of functionality integrated. With the recent release of the quot Baofeng DM 5R quot all the problematic comments have flooded the ham radio forums and Baofeng specific groups. In fact in the schematics it looked like they even left the programming pads on the PCB. The UV 5R that I own is frequency limited to 144 146MHz in VHF and 430 440MHz in UHF. This is original BaoFeng UV 5R battery. Jun 06 2019 In a nutshell you can use the Baofeng UV 5R for amateur radio with the appropriate license legally. The UV3R is UV 3R Oct 20 2016 A video which has surfaced online appearing to show a Baofeng DM 5R communicating with a Motorola Digital Radio. Here you will find user Mar 05 2020 A few years ago the Baofeng UV 5R set a new price point for an entry level handheld transceiver and quickly became the easy choice for a newly licensed Technician. Oct 29 2015 21 thoughts on The BaoFeng UV 5R is tougher than the 25 price tag implies Pingback Radio Deal 5 Pack BaoFeng UV 5R HTs 94. Manufacturers will have to either quit Baofeng Radio US is the Authorized Distributor of Baofeng products introducing new range of Baofeng radios. baofeng uv 5r bff8 plus bf f9 uv 5ra uv5ra plus uv 5rb uv 5rc uv 5rd uv 5re uv 5re plus uv 5rg uv 5rq uv 5rt uv 5ru uv 5s uv 5u waccom uv 5r ronson uv 8r. Apr 02 2013 Baofeng UV 5R PTT Locked. In fact we would say that it also offers the best of the third world as well given its incredibly cheap price tag. The quot L quot character will light on the display if you are operating low power. Baofeng DM 5R and DMR 15 Oct 2016. I move my UV 5R and UV 5RA Even have a pair of the 888 sets. Since I did not have a ham license I started by simply programming it to be a police scanner. This was not too difficult. net Long Name Description Settings Notes Global Reference for UV 5R Menus by Jim Unroe KC9HI 19 April 2014 Menu Number Short Name MR Channel Mode VFO Frequency Mode Separate VFO A amp B Settings Stored on a Per Channel Basis PTT ID Delay milliseconds Settings BFB290 0 Thank you for purchasing UV B5 Amateur Portable Radio which is a dual band dual display radio. Baofeng Enlarged Batterie 3800mAh Li ion Battery ForUV 5R BF F8 BF F8HP DM 5R Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Black 18. Car Battery Eliminator for Radio. I see things online about CHIRP allowing them to be programmed for airband but my CHIRP won 39 t allow it. The stock BaoFeng antenna is less than Aug 10 2020 Basically just toying around the house and property. If you press and hold the key the radio will say quot lock quot and the keypad will mostly be disabled. Therefore it violate the certification rules. While calling it a scam is a bit of a stretch that is essentially my opinion of it and many others will share that perspective. Also applies to UV 5RA Turn on the radio and make sure it 39 s unlocked. Mar 22 2016 How to Set the Plus Minus Offset Duplex for Repeater Use in Baofeng UV 5R. May 11 2012 I have a baofeng uv 5r and I can use 490. Oct 04 2019 How To Use a Baofeng UV 5R by Tunnel Rabbit. 1 Firmware Q How can I determine which firmware my UV5R Series has Q How do I lock unlock my keypad A Hold nbsp Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. andygoole Posts 50 Joined Fri Oct 11 Sep 27 2018 The UV 5R and UV 82 are both certified under part 90. 96. 0 Hz 0. The manual with this radio is surprisingly usable compared to other low priced Chinese radios so setting the radio up for repeater access is fairly straightforward. Since I have other frequencies in mine and don amp 039 t want the police frequencies stored I switch it to frequency mode n Mar 23 2013 While I was searching around for information for the UV5R hacking I have previously done I came across some schematics for the UV3R. In the follow up model UV 5R Baofeng has added a numeric keyboard with DTMF capability for Echolink repeaters. mhz range with no hack I can go between 400 520 MHz . It 39 s featured with many new features such as 120 000 contacts import digital monitor talkgroup adding by keypad and so on. Aug 01 2019 The Baofeng UV 5R is a popular two band radio worldwide. At 70 the dual band BaoFeng DM 5R provides crystal clear digital transmission at a price point unmatched in the digital mobile radio space. Nov 22 2018 To switch a Baofeng UV 5R between high power 5 watts and low power 1 watt press the octothorpe key quot quot briefly. 25. Enter VFO mode Select A or B to program in Pressing the key for 2 seconds will Lock Unlock the keys on the keypad. They can be used with a Part 90 license. These links will take you to Jim Mitchell 39 s web site to download the software. BaoFeng UV 82L User FAQs NEWEST RADIO FIRMWARE Q Which is the Newest version of the UV 82L A The UV 82 is a recently released transceiver. Power on your Baofeng 2. Chirp says that my UHF limit is 400 520 and I can transmit on 458mhz Download UV 5R Programmer 12. It s inexpensive feature packed and compact. 16. The information presented herein will help you to derive maximum performance from your radio. Baofeng UV5R Setting up and programming your UV 5R. exe 2 065 563 bytes ver. OFF ON. g. This video has been about how to use the Baofeng UV 5R. Additionally all Baofeng radios such as the UV 5R V2 BF F9 V2 will be distributed in restrict mode. Press the UP and DOWN arrow key to select RESET Menu Item 40 . Baofeng Cheat Sheet W7APK w7apk. Lets start. Ironically the programming cable is not in the box. This free software is a product of BaoFeng Tech. Punch in frequency number 3. Baofeng UV 5R keypad unlock. 975mhz And for anyone wondering I am licenced for that frequency. And all RT Systems Radio Jun 07 2013 Guide to programming repeaters into a Baofeng UV 5R I see a good bit of threads about how to program repeaters and so on. Baofeng UV 5R Manual So these are currently the frequency ranges that CHIRP allows you to key in to the spreadsheet memory editor for a Baofeng UV B5 B6 radio. And there s no need to pay extra money to get the cable and software. DM 1701 offers a total of 3 000 channels Nov 16 2015 This should work for all Baofeng 2 pin cable compatible radios such as the UV 5R and variants the BF F8 and variants and UV 82 and variants . Setting up the UV 5R 1. 23 BaoFeng UV 5R Dual Band Two Way Radio Another plus is the battery life so far I am on the initial charge and I still have 3 out of 4 bars after 5 days of fairly heavy use. Jun 04 2013 I will have my HAM license and UV 5R within this month I don 39 t have any experience with Baofeng 39 s for now . Bottomline up front there isn t a HUGE difference between the two models but as you will read below it is probably worth the few extra dollars to grab Apr 30 2014 I have like most of my friends the popular radio Baofeng UV 5R plus. 1 K views. Discussion in 39 Mobile Radio Systems 39 started by WS2L Jun 24 2013. This will bring you to the section of menu where you Sep 06 2020 The 20 Baofeng or similar dual bander has become a staple of amateur radio. 1 stable build with a Baofeng Pofung radio with maybe the exception of the UV B5 and UV B6 . Mostly disabled because the red CALL key will still turn the FM broadcast radio on and off and PTT will still key up the radio and MONI will still disable squelch. Now there 39 s a mod worth doing. Remove the battery and the belt clip. The conclusion is the FT 4XE is somewhat better than the UV 5R in terms of front end performance but it s definitely far from the FT 60E. Charge the battery. AU 47. RR rebrands the BaoFeng as their own but includes programed stations and I assume some sort of reliable warranty and tech support. Feb 19 2019 Love it or hate it the Baofeng UV 5R has become the de facto prepper standard radio and really for one reason alone its low cost. Visit our website or call us at 713 893 8950. Here are some hardware modification to improve your Baofeng s radio performance. If you already own a Baofeng UV 5R and have all the various accessories there is no need to Oct 20 2011 The quality varies from below average Baofeng UV 3R to surprisingly good Wouxun KG UVD1P . Thread Status Not open for further replies. 780 MHz 100. Sep 30 2019 The best BaoFeng antenna for your VHF UHF handheld ht radio. 1. Baofeng UV 5R on Amazon. quot Jun 12 2013 The Baofeng UV5r radios are a great bargain at a low low price that is affordable for most radio operators. Turn on the radio and make sure it s unlocked 1. Often several sets or more . Baofeng UV 82 Step by Step Programming Guide Also applies to UV 82HP UV 82L UV 82X UV 82C UV 89 Noji Ratzlaff Set the radio to communicate with a repeater at 146. manual at home and looking around for a bit to find the magic lock unlock sequence. It will be interesting to see reviews on it when they start coming in. RD 5R continues the classic functions of UV 5R s FM radio and VFO mode. 0 or v0. Program a Baofeng UV 5R Radio with CHIRP The Baofeng handheld radios are inexpensive but cover many frequencies making them the Swiss Army Knives of the budget ham radio community. Baofeng UV 5R UV5R GT3 BFF8 F8HP etc 39 Opening Up 39 the Frequency Range There were 2 versions of the UV 5R. 0 Baofeng UV 5R EX User Manual EN DE UV 5R Series Manual IT UV 82X3. Apr 15 2018. Aug 20 2020 Original Baofeng USB Programming Cable for Baofeng UV 9R BF 9700 A 58 UV XR UV 5S GT 4. For Windows Vista Windows 7 Baofeng Driver Vista Win7. Baofeng UV F8 UV 5R Upgrade UHF VHF Dual Band Two Way Ham Radio Walkie Talkie. Just set into the chirp software that you are Nov 19 2019 Our Best Baofeng Radio Reviews. How do you change the voice prompts back to English In this episode of Radio 101 Rick Savoia from Buy Two Way Radios and The Two Way Radio Show Podcast shows you how to quickly and easily navigate the menu to reset the UV 5R back to the English language. 75 NSKI USB Programming Cable for Baofeng UV 5R UV 3R Two Way Radio with Driver CD. 99 Baofeng UV 9R 8W 136 174 400 520MHZ VHF UHF Dual Band Dustproof Waterproof IP67 Transceiver Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio Use only BAOFENG supplied or approved batteries and chargers. There is an extended life larger battery for the UV 5R and other radios . Sep 05 2018 Later edit I had the chance to test the Yaesu FT 4XE Yaesu FT 60E and the Baofeng UV 5R on the same mountain summit near a VHF broadcast site all on their stock antennas and with medium squelch settings. TYT MD 380 Radioddity GD 77 Baofeng UV 5R Connect Systems Anytone 868 all have have their configuration files reverse engineered already usually Jun 08 2014 I have a Baofeng UV 5RE . FUNCTION nbsp 10 Jul 2014 The Baofeng UV 5R radio has a keypad lock function. at The antenna itself is a whooping 35cm long 1 4 wave and fields an SMA Male connector. SET FREQ TRANSMIT OR . The UV 5R is not type certified for any other radio service FRS MURS or GMRS even when the power is Jan 23 2020 Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV 5R MK4 Features. . 4. There is a NEW VERSION created by the cooperation with Baofeng and Radioddity releasing. . 99 16. L 1 watt transmission power is set. Baofeng UV 5RA Quick Start Guide key for 2 seconds to unlock the radio keypad. The Baofeng DM 1701 radio is a dual band VHF and UHF radio with both digital DMR true Tier I and II as well as analog FM capabilities. I suspect that the OP of the ban thread hit may prepare conspiracy forums to promote sales for Baofang. Although similar to the UV 5R this was not simply a rebranding. Jul 30 2013 Hi I need your help. in fact during WROL occurs the FCC is out the window. pair with a Baofeng UV 5R to create a transceiver for hidden transmitter hunts also called T hunts foxhunts and ARDF. Antenna 2. how to unlock baofeng uv 5r