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Bike dies when throttle fully opened

bike dies when throttle fully opened It has 4500 miles on it and is all stock. When engine starts open air valve and close the throttle if engine begins to falter partially close the air valve until engine is warm then set in fully open position. 2001 R6 Dies when throttle applied. Now when I get back and I start it up it starts fine but when I put it into first gear while holding hte clutch or when I give it some throttle in nuetral with or without the clutch pulled the bike dies. Thanks guys. Thinking I had a fuel problem from winter storage I drained the fuel changed the fuel filter filled the tank with new gasoline and added about an ounce of Gum out but it hasn 39 t helped. Dec 04 2010 The 1150 39 s require manual calibration of the TPS following battery discontent or dead I believe it is key on not started rotate throttle from closed to fully open twice slowly then key off . I 39 m afraid I 39 m going to have to suggest that you take the carb off disassemble it and give it a thorough cleaning. It doesn 39 t just stumble it actually dies straight up when I open the throttle. In these cases try running with the gas cap open 30 Jul 2013 After I let it warm up I gave it some throttle and it dies on me. Jan 19 2011 Suzuki dirt bike DRZ 125. I did Nov 16 2015 The bike started to stumble when given gas and throttle response was poor upon riding this morning however it was rideable. If the values are over or below those I mentioned the TPS should be replaced. The problem I 39 m having is that whenever I open up to 3 4 or full throttle the bike stalls out. spot in the throttle then itll only run as long as I hold the throttle half open and it runs at 6000 rpms. Dies if given throttle Nov 08 2012 No upgrades just bone stock carbs. Opening the throttle normally or faster it bogs and dies quickly. Pre Order to Reserve Shipping Early October 2020. Make sure the exhaust port is clear from carbon deposits although it takes a lot of running time for them to build up at the exhaust port and make sure the muffler is clear. When I take off the choke bike dies. throttle. The plugs and air filter are new. will start but open the throttle and then dies idle screw until it 39 s fully in don 39 t screw it hard just so it stops turning nbsp 14 Nov 2017 Sometimes though the throttle sticks upon start up. 2006 Foreman 4x4 500s Powermadd handguards 2. scenario Cruising along at about 90 mph on the highway bike seems to be running strong I decide to get on it a little bit. i cleaned the carb. But with a pedal free throttle power bike you can get back home and rest. When you close the throttle to down shift or come to a stop you nearly close the throttle body butterfly 39 s and with the air bleed screw in the front cylinder closed and the fact that the bike is so lean at idle for emissions there isn 39 t It happens only when I open the throttle from idle otherwise she 39 ll idle without trouble. I 39 ve tried changing the fuel for carefully measured fresh mix. I had my brother taking care of my bike while I was gone he 39 d ride it once every week or two and start it up almost every day or so he says. Sometimes it 39 s just fun to cruise. also make sure nbsp If its carb it depends where it happening in terms of throttle opening not revs actually rev up if you open the throttle too fast it just bogs down completely. The air filter is clean and afaik there is no fuel filter to check. Surely how you hold the motorcycle throttle should be simple and straightforward but it s not. bike dies when throttle fully opened funkysnair The Workshop 33 16 12 2006 06 18 PM All times are GMT 1. Idling speed is fine. For more discussion on testing TPS see this post An engine that will fire and run with the choke closed but dies when the choke is opened likely has debris at least partially blocking the fuel passages in the carburetor. Hey I have had this happen to me before when my bike was new . This time I 39 d say I was on full throttle 5 10 seconds while stationary. Add code here It happens only when I open the throttle from idle otherwise she 39 ll idle without trouble. I did have it running pretty good yesterday but today its been acting funny. In fact just about every Japanese bike from the 60s and 70s came with this mixer. if was completely redone by my buddy who is a nbsp 8 Jun 2020 The throttle cable may seem like a simple part of your bike but it can keep Check throttle operation by fully opening the throttle and letting go. 1994 bike 1989 engine. They didnt know the reason of that. I just pulled May 11 2019 Open throttle stalls Hey guys Got an R100T 81 39 Bike has been running a little on the leaner side and was recommended to put a little larger needle jet in. If you 39 ve ever had a dirt bike that the throttle sticks or that the throttle return action is a little slow and stays on long after you 39 re done using it or if you 39 ve ever had to or still do now turn the throttle back to closed manually when you are ready to shut off you 39 re braver than I if you 39 re still riding it and the tips below will ensure your throttle reliably snaps shut and should The O. When the bike is at an idle it will bog if you open the throttle all the way to fast. not air filter. Jul 22 2009 The YBR125 coughs and splutters when the throttle is quickly opened from fully closed if you do it more slowly though it is not a problem. Stihl manufactures trimmers with two cycle engines as well as ones with four cycle engines and both require a mixture of gasoline and oil. I 39 m not sure if it 39 s too much or too little fuel. went from 2. Open the throttle and then imagine you re approaching a turn. Jan 13 2006 if not def the prob is in the ignition if all looks well go to fuel system i know what im about to say will get a few hackles up but ride till hot with out air cleaner if it wont restart shoot a 2 second shot of starting fluid into intake choke open throttle wide open close throttle and try to start i hope this helps you to shed light on Following some work see below my bike idles ok and if I open the throttle a good amount it revs accelerates ok but when the throttle is open just a small amount the engine dies in neutral or all power is lost and the bike coasts until I either open or close the throttle a bit. and just had Alright you guys solved my last set of issues so now I 39 m back. and air filter i am Oct 10 2016 The bike shop refuses to believe the new controller is the problem and tells me the problem is my battery. A couple of days later I fired it up but it ran horribly. Takes a couple of minutes before it wants to fully accept throttle. Idles and Chokes 100 fine. Kids ATV Cheap Off Road Go Karts Sale Pit Bikes Rhino Clone UTVs 50cc Gas Scooter Mopeds 110cc 4 wheelers Kids Quad SSR Dirt Bike BMS 150cc Dune Buggy go Cart 250cc Scooter 150cc Moped 250cc Off Road Dune Buggy 150cc Off Road Go Kart Kids ATV Sale Kids quad ATV wholesale moped scooter 50cc wholesale Texas Dallas Fort Worth TX NM AR LA 4 wheelers for kids dirt bikes fast 125cc atvs mule Twist the throttle while the motorcycle is off if the valves don t completely open with a full throttle twist extra slack on your throttle cable may be your problem. I let it idle for a while and as soon as I gave it gas to take off it died. Whenever I give it any throttle the bike bogs down to the point where it 39 s about to shut off. By just slightly releasing the throttle the May 15 2018 Gear changing requires the bike to be traveling at a minimum approximately of 1 3 throttle open position. A long straightaway looks like an inviting stretch to open it up but once you 39 ve got the throttle pinned what happens when you can 39 t back it off Before we get nbsp . Severely discharged or a damaged battery should have 12. Edit I am going to check float height next. The mixture nbsp 20 Jul 2019 A bike that has been in storage for a while or hasn 39 t been run in a while often exhibits this system. It gets sucked into the main jet and when the bike cools it hardens into a blockage. Jul 15 2008 The bike starts up easily and purrs anywhere from zero throttle to 1 4 1 3 throttle open. When you clean the bike have a feel of the choke cable operation you should feel it close. May 09 2008 Current Bike s 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 39 Guacamole 39 04 Yamaha XT225 Previous Bikes 06 Yamaha FJR1300 08 Kawasaki Versys 05 Honda 919 04 Kawasaki ZZR600 04 Yamaha V Star 650 05 09 2008 08 28 AM 9 Mar 18 2010 i have just put a new 26mm mikuni carburetor on my 110cc pit bike and it doesn 39 t run right what do i adjust to get it to run right because it stalls when i open the throttle quick and if i go over half throttle its bogs down until i let go and also dose that mean that its running rich or lean Sep 04 2011 I have not ridden my bike for a while. Mar 24 2016 Closed throttle vacuum in the cylinder easy for spark to jump the gap. In second kick it will fire up. Jan 31 2013 Throttle Is Opened Quickly. 5 volts or more and be able to pass a proper quot LOAD quot test if necessary you may have a preliminary reading of 12. Solve your engine problems with nbsp Using a moyorcycle on full throttle for long period of time heats up the engine to a very high temperature. So throttle control essentially means how well you influence the course of events on your bike by controlling the flow of fuel to the engine or controlling the power. After it has stall in this way I can t start it up in first kick that it usually takes. If the choke is on it runs strong. Snapping open the throttle is normal way one checks the slide cutaway. so got my bike all wired up ignition module timed carb jetted. Once it dies it will not restart right away unless I open the throttle quite a bit. But in low revs it was ok. TPS output value to zero wherever the throttle is at that time. Hi Anonymous and the usual suspects are 1. in neutral gear. i had it about a 1 2 throttle and it fired up then i let off to let it idle and it died again. i just got my warrior about 3 months ago and it was doing something similar it would idle good but then as soon as you gave it any gas it bogged down really bad and you could barely give it enough gas to get it into gear without stalling. has a carb bike. One trick to mastering blipping that helped me a lot is to practice on the bike with the motor off. At the end of the stretch chop the throttle and hit the kill button simultaneously. bike is definitely not running as lean anymore. I went to go for a ride and could not get the bike started. At best it will run at half throttle but never at peak rpm. The bike stalls when twisting the throttle fast from idle to 3 4 or full throttle. No matter if the bike is warm or cold. We 39 d visited the quot official quot Town of Sturgis but found Full Throttle out of town in the hills and scenic vistas of Sturgis. 39 s Suzuki 500 in 2000 the data showed us initiating throttle at the same time but I added too much too soon forcing me to close it to re point the bike. and it dies when I let off of the throttle. If I open it up slowly rpms will raise and then bog and die. Note If you mess it don 39 t complain. The stock jetting was 40 735. Last week I washed the bike and cleaned reoiled my K amp N Aircharger. This is a good practise as all bikes need to sit for that first minute of operation to allow for lubricating oil to work its way through the engine. They cleaned balanced and reset idle and mixtures. So when your bike only runs on choke it is because the rich Then just let it run until it dies. it starts up and indicates that the battery is fully charged. You can see when I start the bike up I was giving it a bit of throttle trying to rev it up a little and it just stayed at a constant RPM and then shot up for a second even though I wasn 39 t moving on the throttle at that point. It seems to stay going for a short period of time in idle but nbsp As soon as I open throttle to ANY level it bogs and dies. Another scooter I accidentally made a small hole in the diaphram on top of the carb. On vacuum secondary Holleys it may be necessary to fine tune the secondary opening When the regulator is not functioning there are 2 possible scenarios 1 The R R is not providing bike power and the bike runs off the battery only this only last 10 minutes or so before the bike dies from a fresh charge and will not restart due to dead battery 2 The R R does not provide recharge current for the battery good for 5 or 6 starts so the last few weeks my bike has been cutting out over 8 9k if i give it full throttle. That 39 s not a coincidence. When you pull the lever the cable pulls on a plunger which opens a passage connecting the fuel in the float bowl to the engine side of the throttle butterfly. Doing this allowed us to look at the plug at a particular throttle position and adjust accordingly. If you are mechanically inclined the shop manual will be invaluable to you. You may be able to take nbsp Yes We are open. Idle doesn 39 t require much gas but then when you opened the throttle it sucked the bowl dry and ran out. This makes it VERY hard to work on my wheelies Jul 31 2009 Maybe it loosened up which would allow the engine to idle normally but would severely enrich the mixture as you opened the throttle leading to a lack of power. 25 Mar 2010 When I open the throttle of my yamaha 2. Aug 07 2009 Hi guys I finally go the pocket Quad running and it will run idol for 30 minutes no problem. Dirt bike bogs at full throttle Dirt bike bogs at full throttle Aug 12 2020 Yes. Our staff is working hard to ensure orders are nbsp Not Getting Enough Fuel middot Throttle Is Opened Quickly middot Did You Leave The Choke On Too Long middot Engine Isn 39 t Fully Warmed Up middot Rich Jetting middot Lean Jetting middot Fouled nbsp Bike dies when I open throttle. At other times the motor will die if I don 39 t turn the throttle. Also if I pull out the choke the bike dies. If I leave the choke on and let the bike get warm it runs for a bit and then slowly dies. so i have a homelite bandit sx 135 on my bike set up as a friction drive. In this condition the closed choke provides enough extra fuel to enter the engine to overcome the lack of fuel flowing through the other passages. If the dirt bike lands on the throttle control side right a broken throttle tube can result and generally getting power to the bike is no longer an option. It seems to idle fine but whenever I give it the smallest amount of throttle is dies The bike will only start with the choke on. I love my Z50R But over the past year it has begun stalling when I twist the throttle open quickly. Prior to my purchase the previous owner a friend said he cleaned the carbs. Jun 25 2007 Be sure the throttle linkage is correctly adjusted to yield full throttle and that the secondaries fully open. You 39 ll probably be fine not having to completely disassemble the bank so it shouldn 39 t be a problem. None of them feature any rider aides and the batteries are completely unshielded. I suspect fuel isn 39 t reaching the cabs. When you hit the throttle your sucking crap up and cutting off your fuel. 66 to 2. The result An engine nbsp You pull the clutch and engage first gear on your motorcycle open the throttle slightly and release the clutch and then the engine stalls. Jun 23 2005 When I hit the choke it runs strong right up to the point where the throttle is maxed and releases it then it 39 ll start to drown out on a flat straight away. The MAP sensor crank position sensor and the ICM all talk together to run the bike. Nov 08 2012 No upgrades just bone stock carbs. Every time I would twist the throttle the bike would die. 93 39 GS500E Hey guys i recently blew the engine on my gs500 and bought installed a used one from the same year bike. When you roll the throttle it dies. One Sep 03 2020 Now that you are seated properly put the bike in first gear by clicking down the gear stick four times. then put 91 gas in it along with a cap full of seafoam and run the piss out of it. When there is a lack of fuel even when you fully open your throttle your engine dies since there is little or no fuel being fed to the carb. Right now I 39 m running 42. The engine stalls with the following scenario 1. Mar 12 2007 1982 Kawasaki 440 New plugs Clean carbs fresh fuel fresh oil I 39 ve been trying to get this bike running right for quite some time. As soon as the bike tops out pull the clutch in and kill the engine coasting to a stop. I decided to increase the throttle RPM by turning the screws on the throttle body linkage. It sputters and the enginejust doesn 39 t quot kick in quot the way it used to nbsp 27 Mar 2017 When you advance the throttle quickly does it sputter and slowly die out or does let it warm up a little rev 39 d the throttle a bit and then fully opened it up and it I know people that run it in dirt bikes and chain saws but there is nbsp Basically with full throttle and full choke it will start sometimes then it will Upon getting the bike to run it WANTS to die. Honda foreman idles but dies with throttle From cold I put the choke on start the bike amp after a minute I slowly take the choke off to fully closed. The increase in fuel translates into an increase in engine speed. Starting a flooded bike After crashing I pick up my bike hold the throttle wide open compression release in kill button pushed in then I kick the bike through four or five times. I pulled the jets and verified the sizes against a 2003 manual only Wide open throttle w. I 39 ve tried a Yost Power Tube and that didn 39 t cure the May 07 2005 Hey guy check your jet I think you got crap in it or in the bowl. If I put the choke back on again it revs high on tick over but I can throttle it normal amp it revs right up Even when I ride it it 39 s the same. e. 26 Mar 2014 If your bike continues to die after running on the starting fluid you should try to The battery is brand new and fully charged. 18 hours ago This isn t really a bike in the classical sense. It runs a little better than before I did the maintenance. I put fresh gas in it and kicked it over and let it run at idle for about 10 minutes. Saturday 8 15 20 we will have 2 Live Crew and Petey Pablo performing at the Full Throttle Saloon. and nbsp 6 Oct 2015 The resulting bagginess leads to a richer mixture spoiling the bike 39 s and fluffy as if it can 39 t be bothered to rev or for the revs to die back down again. Dec 19 2018 My Stihl Weed Trimmer Is Dying at Full Throttle. In the last 4 years it has not been used much and only has 8000 miles on it. If I open the throttle beyond that point the engine sputters. Screwed in the air screw to 3 4 with 20 pilots and it was still acting the same but with much rougher idle. Some bikes for a few different reasons can t handle going from zero throttle to wide open too quickly. but as soon as i give it gas and it hits above 1500 RMP 39 s the bike dies. It also sounds like your slides may not be opened quite the same. Oct 06 2011 Yes the engine is supposed to run with the choke fully off or open . If you have an n. Fuel Supply and Carburation. Oct 06 2011 Bike needed opened throttle to start. Bike will start on one kick every time with the choke on. When I throttle up it cuts out at 1 2 throttle and sometimes dies. Using a tachometer to gauge the engine speed set the idle speed screw to bring the engine to 1750 RPM for an aluminum cylinder engine or 1200 RPM for an engine with a cast iron cylinder sleeve. I ride a 2005 Suzuki Katana 750. It starts up with no issues and idle 39 s just fine. I told him . Sep 05 2015 I twist the throttle a few times to pump fuel to carb then hit e start with no throttle. I cleaned and tried to adjust the carb after the problem started to occur not the other way. Next at full throttle turn the high speed or main jet screw clockwise until the engine begins to slow. If you have to close the choke it 39 s telling you that you are getting too much air making it run too lean . The Aurora Limited Edition Mid Drive electric bike features a unique step through frame for easy on and off access a semi integrated battery for ideal weight distribution and a powerful 750W mid drive motor with a torque sensor and a belt drive. 3 May 2009 Hey everyone so let me give you a bit of background. the bike will video of what it is doing. Once it 39 s fully warm a quick twist gives the slightest hesitation but then revs. But when i hold it at about 25mph probably 5 6000 rpm in third for about 30 40 seconds maybe a full minute and a half it starts to sputter and occasionaly pop and can barely keep speed and then just dies. If cooling NEVER EVER open up the throttle without load i. I havent tested it much jet because there is still some job to do with plastics. Aug 01 2010 The bike runs richer so uses more fuel and will eventually foul it 39 s plugs. I can also lift the rear tire up and let it rip full throttle with no problems except a bit of white smoke from exaust . I am thinking I have an electrical problem with the signal generator ignitor or stator Could be wrong again though. One more thing. Next I go through my normal starting procedure no choke the bike is warm . Discussion Starter 1 Dec The throttle openings are as follows 0 1 8 1 8 1 4 1 4 3 4 3 4 1 quot 0 quot throttle closed or idle speed quot 1 quot throttle fully open or WOT wide open throttle Throttle openings animated GIF Throttle opening diagram May 06 2012 6 months ago got the gpx 250 serviced by a shop. that your throttle isn 39 t affected when you turn the handlebars completely from side to side. early Noughties machines just felt a bit snatchy as the throttle opened. It started up and seemed to be idling very weak. Close the choke fully before trying to start it and do not touch the throttle. Sep 14 2018 On newer emissions controlled motorcycles I see a lot of cases where the bike runs out of power and stalls. This is similar to the above reason. I 39 ve learned to snap the throttle about half way open and keep it open for a few seconds before taking off. With the 102 once again fine rolling on the throttle but when blipping the throttle fully open it immediately stalls and I just heard it backfire. Oct 10 2010 I have a 2009 Honda 750 Shadow that i just purchased. Second if you don 39 t want to do that then cut off the fuel valve and drain the fuel by opening the carb drain nbsp Engine stalls in a powersport vehicle can do more than ruin your fun they can leave you stranded in an unsafe area. checked the sparks after a little ride and they looked much better. So imagine the ECU can now determine when the throttle is fully closed against that set screw zero and fully open 100 so the fuel mixture can be adjusted accordly by the ECU by getting feedback from all the other sensors on the bike. While you can pedal the Vintage Electric Roadster you really never do. The video posted above was taken just a few minutes after replacing the battery. I 39 ve cleaned the spark plug and this seems fine. Starting engine hot. Any ideas Thanks The bike runs pretty well whenever it is started a little low end bog but nothing to bad. There is usually a tightening nut a few inches above the knob that connects to the carburetor at the end of the throttle cable. On a straight away I open the throttle all the way which releases the choke and it dies. Class 2 e bikes have a motor that may be used exclusively to propel the bicycle and that is not capable of providing assistance when the e bike We ve been learning about Tracy s Art Marben and his transition from a college student in fall 1942 to a Marine Corps 2nd lieutenant in the Western Pacific during the spring of 1945 leading a Marine rifle platoon in combat in the Okinawa campaign. so the last few weeks my bike has been cutting out over 8 9k if i give it full throttle. hey isaac i have th same problem right now with my quad i was just about to post the same exact thing. Fuel tank had been drained and 93 oct fuel has been ran in bike for about 100 miles. It starts fine and responds smoothly to the throttle but approaching full throttle it cuts out. hi guys newbie here just wondering if some one could help me 14 Sep 2018 Never ride such a bike they call that a suicide throttle for a reason. Probably a good idea to plan to clean the carb at some point as it 39 ll probably happen again most likely sometime or somewhere really inconvenient. I don 39 t know if it 39 s related but I generally do not rev the bike high when pulling away from stops and prefer to change gears usually before 4 000 rpm and run at 35 40 mph still in 4th gear when cruising around town. if i back it off it picks back up but takes forever to climb to 13k and will only do 120mph. Other than that and the 2800 stutter it runs great. Damn but that gas nbsp 15 Aug 2018 If I turn choke off when the rpm come down it still sputters and dies. Gear in neutral or in any gear. old school chopper show Join us Monday Aug. My son ran it in some water and now it idles but loses all power and stalls when you accelerate past idle. When the gear is engaged the engine dies. Later when I came back out to leave I started the bike and gave a little throttle to pull out from stop and the engine dies. Aug 17 2012 Wow Thanks Bubbie for taking your time to help. It is still rideable but sometimes when it happens it is always at the wrong time. Find out how to pack a bike for shipping with these four simple steps Use an appropriately sized box First you need to find the right size box. There is a bit of overlap between the pilot circuit and the slide Feb 16 2012 bike does not run battery charged put in nothing checked voltage from battery fluctuated open case pinched red wire at bottom of case cap screw contacted wire UN crimped tape wire perfect steady volts 26v put back on controller nothing not even lights on throttle took top cap of of controller red wire was small cut on wire taped it up rubbing Moped loses power at full throttle Moped loses power at full throttle When the trigger is pressed and the throttle is increased on a backpack blower a metal wire pulls open a vent on the carburetor allowing more fuel into the passages. With the ignition switch ON but bike not running the throttle butterflies only open 1 8 inch regardless of how far you open the throttles. Changed the spark plugs oil airfilter and adjusted the throttle cables. The Rebel is one of few bikes that have one and if it does not work right the bike will stall when you open the throttle. 5 Jun 2014 Shook shite out of bike to slosh mix tank and it ran ok for 20 sec then no joy. Having changed up into second gear the rider should practice changing back down into first gear. Booogggg it almost felt Wide open throttle kills motor Reply 12 on March 06 2010 01 18 23 pm Highwayhigh if you 39 re gonna stick around these parts for awhile it 39 d be helpful for the others if you fill in as much of the profile info as you 39 re comfortable with. Apr 27 2007 I have same problem after dealer de restricted my bike. Jul 19 2010 1998 Honda only run. You have a good bike very reliable. Aug 04 2008 Anyway like I said in the title my bike will idle but it 39 s only on one cylinder and as soon as I roll on the throttle it bogs down and dies. choke on and stalls the moment. Best results are had by just waiting a few minutes and then trying I 39 ve revved the engine like this in the past with the moped stationary but for shorter durations. Once the bike starts and warms for a minute you can open the choke and drive away. I ordered a jet set and put in a 83 main jet and the throttle response improved drastically. Aug 22 2007 The other thing. It fires right up and maintains idle while I get my gloves and goggles on but if I slowly roll the throttle open it dies immediately. The coincidence of the two events makes me believe this is not true. Sounds like the float wasn 39 t opening fully to let gas into the bowl. Rapidly and simultaneously close the throttle squeeze the clutch and tap down on the shifter followed by rapidly re opening the throttle multiple times to get down to the desired gear. If the diaphram was stuck open it wouldnt fire at half throttle either. As the throttle is opened this pump delivers an extra squirt of fuel to nbsp 14 Apr 2019 Hmm if the bike ran fine for 100 miles then it 39 s likely not a settings issue unless that will still allow a nice smooth idle on a fully warmed up machine. Sometimes you want to go really fast or jump rocks and you just don 39 t want to be distracted by the effort necessary when pedaling. it is located on the clutch lever it is the top wire that is closest to you while you When you give the bike this first real kick it should start. May 21 2018 A throttle actuator must open and close freely if rough spots exist in its operation it must be replaced. I have checked the plugs and they are clean. The faster your bike the more gentle initial throttle must be because every incremental turn of the throttle on a fast bike adds significant horsepower. My Dad taught me long ago quot check the ignition. New battery replaced round fuses with contemporary plug in fuses. I took it for a test run around the block and it is very sluggish at first then all of a sudden it s a rocket. There is no reason to ride the bike to check the slide cutaway For example if you have a 3 1 2 slide you would start by putting in a 3 slide. Engine is cold or warm and I set the idle speed adjuster to full Cold start 2. I called back the shop complaining about poor idle half of the cases the bike died in traffic after one closed the throttle and was told by the owner that I should always hold the throttle opened a bit 3. I had a simuler problem with my honda cr 250 moto x bike it would start fine and you could keep it ticking over with the throttle i have deliberatly unscrewed the tickover in case i come off it will cut out when i got on it it would go for about 400 500 metres then splutter and die and not start again for around 5 mins. 2. I have a 1998 Honda Shadow 750 that will only run with the choke on and stalls the moment you give any throttle. If I attempt to give it throttle it just dies. Since then it starts right up and idles just fine but dies as soon as I give it gas. I choked it again and it started I can push the choke in part way and try and throttle but the bike sputters and still dies when I push the choke in all THE PROBLEM Bike will start fine then after warming up usually 3 5 minutes or so it starts to drop in idle speed and will eventually die. Oct 12 2006 Sounds like fuel starvation if the bike revs freely in stanby and does 39 nt cut out then its cos when riding the bike under load it is using all the fuel in the carb bowl faster than it can come in. It will also die when not pulling on the throttle. I have a 2006 yz250f that has sat since 2009. It 39 s a sinking feeling when you give more gas but the bike sputters out and dies anyway. I managed to slightly bend the inlet no amount of heat would make it budge but a slight bend was enough and didn 39 t crush the elbow. After a couple restarts the bike wouldn 39 t start at all so I hopped in my Ford Explorer which died the next day and went to work. It idles fine around 1800 rpm with the choke. If it dies the slide is too lean and you need a lower number. All I had to do is to reset the throttle position sensor TPS . 15 Jul 2015 bike runs on a bump start for seconds but then dies ps oh and carb was cleaned by a classic bike garage. it 39 s strange the bike is a beast runs perfect until you hit full throttle. stalls at full throttle. Apr 08 2007 Then it should read between 15 and 17 if the throttle is closed With the throttle fully open it should read between 97 and 100. But would that really cause the engine to die May 28 2019 This goes away after maybe 30 seconds to a minute. I have a 2003 VTX1300 which had a fuel pump. so i have a 1988 Honda shadow VT800. No big deal i thought being cold n all and rode away thinking it would come right. 250 39 s 350 39 s and 360 39 s CB CL CJ SL 1968 1976. 5 Sep 2014 When I apply full throttle at highway speed to pass my bike totally loses power. Bike finally runs on the choke but runs like crap. Drained amp flushed tank via petcock on prime. bike Hi. Need to start riding with 6 7000 rpm. But if you 39 ve ever had this problem you know that running on full choke is not feasible. 5 pilots 155 mains needle at middle position air mixture at 2. The bike came to me carbless airboxless and with the cheap shorties. Posted 21 53 19 Feb 2012 Post subject Engine dies when opening the throttle My poor bike is not working It seems as soon as I pull the throttle the engine dies. I 39 ve only had the bike a few months and it has 22 000 miles. And I haven t touch the engine before this started it just happened. Mar 01 2008 The throttle is the device that controls the flow of fuel and air into an engine resulting in more or less power output. now that you are in first gear twist the throttle gently until you began to move. 1985fourtrax250 Registered. let me know what you find out please cause i am not sure where to start. t. Every time. A bit of rubber melts comes loose and travels to the carb. 68. However when I give it throttle it cuts out and sometimes dies. Once it had warmed up sufficiently I pushed the choke in and the bike dies. 5 turns out. I managed to get it nbsp 28 Apr 2007 I started charging the battery today and started my bike up. 20 Oct 2015 I repeated the test tonight I immediately gave the bike throttle after a cold Starts runs for a few seconds engine dies start again and doesn 39 t stop til I turn the key. I checked and the throttle cable and slide in the carburetor are moving. I had a weed seed in my jet wtf How it got there is one thing but my bike started idled but die as soon as I hit the throttle. Checked the Wiki and seen no changes in the carbs for my 94s im using on the 89 engine. Wide open throttle cylinder full of air fuel mixture more difficult for spark to jump the gap Air is considered insulator compared to vacuum Not saying this is it but it should be checked. It 39 s no problem to ride away and everything works as it should until I throttle quickly the power cuts off If I go easy on the throttle the bike will power up to full speed. Welcome to Vegas RoManiac Channel U Ever wondered what I use when I ride or fix my bike I ride on this Knobby REAR TIRE https amzn. the lean symptom of not taking throttle which is better but I don 39 t think is completely gone. I kept cranking on it and it ended up firing up. carb the choke will be a simple old style plate that opens and closes at the inlet of the carb. 5 hp outboard the engine stalls. Was riding in Pismo dunes last weekend when going up a hill engine just went down to idle. If you release throttle when it begins to stall it will return read more Mar 19 2012 Now I 39 m rejetting. Basically shell start up fine and idle around 1500 2000 rpm full choke but upon going to 1 2 choke or giving her any throttle she dies. I can even get the bike into 1st gear as long as I have the throttle open it seems fine. Bike wouldn 39 t idle at shop. In doing two stroke tuning we would change settings start the bike and run it at a particular throttle position as long as we could safely ride it that way then abruptly cut the ignition and hope we could coast back to where the tools were. Buy a shop manual for your bike and try to trouble shoot your problem. My barn is fairly open and I wonder whether water has got in but it strikes me the symptoms are wrong. Re Bike will only start with choke opened up then dies Reply 19 on October 13 2016 03 45 25 pm If there is a fuel filter after the tank replace it or remove it. Started to bike w choke on all good. when you give it throttle and let off it dies as soon as the carb is fine. Feb 23 2018 Cold Start it takes maybe 3 4 choked starts to kick over it will start up I 39 ll turn the throttle fully right away to kick the choke off it will rev out nice and high and then it will bog itself down and shut off regardless of throttle input. The goal of this first ride is to get acquainted with the feel of a dirt bike as it goes over the dirt. Mar 11 2009 The bike hasnt been running to my knowledge for 4 5 months. Open each carb drain screw and see if similar amounts of fuel is in each. Sep 16 2012 I cleaned it like brand new used a fine wire carb cleaner and compressed air put back together fired right up idled good then started to choke out when i went full throttle it was ok i guess i do not have an air box i bought it that way are my jet sizes correct lt pilot jet 35 main jet 132 stater jet 60 Nov 04 2009 I have a 25cc back pack leaf blower that starts and idles fine but when I open the throttle it sputters and dies. Bike stalls even with throttle opened 1 Unread post by HungPower Tue Aug 15 2006 4 08 am Now don 39 t think I 39 m just stalling the bike and sux at finding the friction point cuz then I wouldn 39 t make a post abotu this loll. But as soon as you touch the throttle it sputters and dies. Apr 30 2017 30 seconds on enrichiner isn 39 t long e 39 nuff on my bike. is to fully load the engine on a long straightaway or hill. Working on a family members 2001 Scrambler 90. The bike sat with full choke for about 5 minutes I know thats not good. I tried The problem I m having is the bike won t start when the choke is pulled out only when the choke is pushed in fully. The engine starts at a higher rpm and runs for like 5 seconds and then slowly reduces rpm and comes to a stall. pump and it 39 s not getting enough fuel when you open the throttle. Your bike will idle without a main jet as it does not come into play until you lift the It will always bog on quick full throttle because the carb has no accelerator pump. The bike sat around for a few years so maybe those float seals need to be replaced. The 1100 39 s TPS will not change unless the screws are loosened on the left hand TB. Still sounds to be starving for fuel. On two occasions after the bike has been running for about an hour at I had let off the throttle and instead of going to idle the engine just quit running. As stated above it starts right up idles fine. Obviously this depends on what type of bike you have to ship as a child s bike will require a different size box than an XXL adventure mountain bike. If the bike is on the stand and you 39 ve simply started the engine for a warm up after routine nbsp what would make a bike run and idle fine but when i give it gas die out Open the carb and see if the slide needle has fallen into the main jet nbsp 4 Aug 2018 So I recently found that when I am full twist the engine bogs down I have to the f1 code comes on an the bike dies down when I 39 m trying to go. you might want to try unplugging the parking brake sensor it helped me. I managed to get it moving but it hit 10 12 MPH on mostly flat land where 27 MPH was common . I have an Evo stock with a Dyna 2000 programmable ingnition and Vance and Hines Long Shots. Now slowly i anti clockwise i screwed out the fuel screw at 2 3 complete anticlockwise turn out the engine rpm is idle. When you roll the choke off it dies. CDI is de restricted too. The motor starts to bog down like it doesn 39 t have enough fuel when it is either hot or when I turn the throttle. Rough on idle when I tap the throttle bike dies. I 39 ve tried a couple different things and was able to get the choke in while opening up the throttle. not spark plugs. up until recently the bike has run like a champ. 2011 Ebony Z1000SX Ivans ECU Full Akra BMC amp airbox mod I always need to give some extra fuel by opening throttle a bit. i know its not the STVA problem. 5 volts or more but little or zero amperage the battery is faulty and must be replaced AGM batteries fail in this scenario more so than lead acid batteries. I 39 m having a problem with a S amp S Super E on my 1998 Heritage Softail. dunno anything about harley 39 s but with 2 stroke bikes and quads nbsp This time I 39 d say I was on full throttle 5 10 seconds while stationary. The reasons for this may be Poor jetting No accelerator pump on the carb 4 strokes only Accelerator pump needs adjustment Engine isn t fully warmed up As stated above it starts right up idles fine. have to work properly squirts gas when the throttle is opened . When You Want to Go Fast. The series which takes its name from the bar chronicles the daily operations of the world 39 s largest biker bar Full Throttle Saloon located in Sturgis South Dakota was housed on 30 acres of land which Michael Ballard purchased in 1999. Joined Dec 13 2011 418 Posts . There are two plastic tubes running from the gas tank to the carb one clear one tinted but I don 39 t see any fuel filter. I open up the throttle and the bike just dies. Put everything back together checked for leaks all good. So what I have noticed today was after it 39 s good and warmed up it doesn 39 t hold a smooth steady idle. at partial throttle openings and low rpm the engine bogs as the throttle is opened. No map sensor. When arriving at his location near by he decided to choke it while he ran inside. I reduce throttle a bit and the engine starts purring again. Due to high call volume amp constraints related to COVID 19 our response times may be delayed. If you do Why did my motorcycle die after a long ride 7 Oct 2018 Try to ride it on low revs if the bike happily keeps on going and the issue only happens when you turn the throttle on full then there is a lack of nbsp 29 Aug 2012 Hello Guys So my friend has a 125cc 2 stroke bike the bike has been standing for almost 2 years and now the bike has NO low end power nbsp just got a pocket bike of trade me took it for its second ride tonight and when the throttle is fully opened it dies and bogs down not to much nbsp I would think that 2s are ment to be open almost all the time as opposed to First two stroke road race bike runs at complete full throttle at max revs and How to use and maintain your Pocket Bike MiniPocketRockets. cant figure out whats causing it. Two weeks ago I hopped on my bike to go to work. Don 39 t open the throttle all the way when trying to restart the bike after it stalls. Carby bikes 04 to 06 do have a MAP sensors. Open throttle slightly and start engine. I 39 ve cleaned the carb completely all the ports are clear jets are clear and it idles perfectly. To leave the dIAG mode simply turn the key counter clockwise. Swapped in 25 pilots and it 39 ll take more throttle more quickly but still bogs if given a quick twist to 1 4 throttle which goes away the more it 39 s warmed up. Throttling the throttle will lead to jerky acceleration over bumps and after some time it will cramp your hand. Recently I cleaned it up and drained the old gas out of it. Obviously nbsp 6 Apr 2020 Get the latest in motorcycle reviews tests and industry news At this point the main jet becomes the controlling factor in mixture right on up to full throttle. However if I try to give it more than the tiniest bit of throttle the rpms drop and will cause the bike to die. As soon as I close the throttle the bike dies. 18 Nov 2017 The Workshop gt bike dies when throttle fully opened funkysnair 01 01 PM 10 12 2006. The spark plug does not look nbsp 24 Apr 2010 Now my bike will only stay on with the choke halfway open. The time now is 10 17 PM. 2004 TRX450R sparks pipe esr intake jetted stage 2 cam. It 39 s a tiny little hole and it 39 s on the manifold side of the throttle so as soon as the throttle is opened it should have very little effect. Control is the power to influence the course of events. Bike never really got used after that. When I push the quot enricher quot all the way in it dies if i don 39 t have the throttle turned. The rider will close the throttle pull in the clutch lever and move the gear change lever to the next gear all at the same time. Of course the Dirty screen would come into play during open throttle that is high demand for fuel. 10th 2020 at 11 00 am for the best chopper show in Sturgis. I was given this bike from my uncle which hasn 39 t run it much since last season. bike has a vacuum operated fuel petcock so when you are totally out of nbsp I could be having some electrical breakdown that causes the bike to die at full throttle or it could be just loading up. I already cleared my jets and cleaned the carb. When snapping the throttle to wide open the carb hesitates and bogs. But if me or my son gets on it and ride it it will die once the throttle is wide open for a few seconds. My plug is lightly oily and black. A gradual throttle opening doesn 39 t seem to be as bad just when I twist the throttle wide open. When engine is cold its hard to ride slowly because rpm is low and it dies often. But if I twist the throttle fast and hold it open the bike will stall. But when I open the throttle it will rev up a bit then bog and die. . The bike ticks over nicely but when I throttle it dies. With the bike fully warmed up find a long straight and install a fresh spark plug. Not sure which bike you are talking about. I left at the Very end of nbsp 17 Oct 2014 When the throttle is opened the cable raises the throttle slide located When the chamber is full the rubber tipped needle is pressed into the nbsp 13 Nov 2013 After about an hour the bike started to bog out wen opening the throttle fully and during. This is done by turning the ignition on don 39 t start the bike open and close the throttle fully 3 times and then with the throttle closed turn the ignition off. Black fuel lines will degrade from the inside out. and just had When the regulator is not functioning there are 2 possible scenarios 1 The R R is not providing bike power and the bike runs off the battery only this only last 10 minutes or so before the bike dies from a fresh charge and will not restart due to dead battery 2 The R R does not provide recharge current for the battery good for 5 or 6 starts May 06 2012 6 months ago got the gpx 250 serviced by a shop. A huge number of vintage bikes are equipped with the good old round slide Mikuni carb. When I blip the throttle I open and close the throttle quickly and only move the throttle like 1 8 of an inch. Once pulled over they restart OK then stall again 3 miles later. If you ever own a Guzzi the O rings swell the dealers tune the bike to run on constant choke and the y thing does 15 mpg and fouls the plugs every 50 miles . Then it should read between 15 and 17 if the throttle is closed With the throttle fully open it should read between 97 and 100. So if you are riding along at middle rpm in 3rd gear and whack the throttle full open what happens Does the bike just instantly bog gradually work through the bog and then accellerate to high rpm Apr 30 2006 on my bike 39 s status after applying your suggestions today. This has now happened twice. Everyone agrees you should have a relaxed grip and never use the throttle to hold on to the bike. BEFORE TODAY My KLR650 was stored FOR 3 years without proper TLC beforehand. It has it 39 s own air jet slow jet Idle mixture screw opening and a delivery hole into the carb throat. adjust idle screw normally screw fully in back out 1 1 2 turns then carefully screw out or in to get the quot null quot nbsp ok. Do this too quickly and the engine dies completely stops dead. Aug 04 2016 It started OK but when the throttle was open past half way it dies thought it was dirt in jets so cleaned them out no joy after struggling for about 20 miles coming home it died completely about the same time as hitting reserve then I couldn 39 t get it started. I have gotten both cylinders to fire a few times but it is not something that I seem to be able to replicate now. Aug 18 2019 In the process I opened the float bowl to make sure all is good sealed it up. If you have trouble climbing and under full load throttle only then this is probably the reason. Usually it 39 s water in the fuel and because of the way the fuel filter sits if it 39 s got enough water in there it covers the 39 face 39 of the filter and blocks fuel flow. Cost me 700 because it needed new float valves and air intake ducts expensive . When I rode Kenny Roberts Jr. I doesn 39 t do it if I let go if the throttle when it starts to stall or if I twist the throttle open all the way slowly. The best clip position is 2nd from top. Do a full quot tune up quot and realize the Tachometer may not read true. Once I hear the idle start picking up I 39 ll open the choke more and repeat until it 39 s idling with the valve fully open. If I slowly turn the choke off and give it the slightest little bit of throttle it dies out also. The second situation which can occur at any time though it 39 s most common when the bike 39 s cold happens upon leaving an intersection I open the throttle and start to slip the clutch and sometimes it dies at that point. Also check the accelerator pump. to 2MQm5lM Intermittent electrical short and open circuits do happen but they are rare. i immediatly knew it was a fueling problem. Class 1 e bikes have a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that ceases to provide assistance when the e bike reaches 20 mph. Jul 28 2012 hi my bike is 4 stroke initially i turned in the fuel screw fully in but 1 4 less so that the engine runs and i set the idle rpm to 3000rpm. which i leave the choke on and give it gas it goes to above 2k 2500 RPM 39 s then dies. Bike idles perfect but dies when given the slightest amount of throttle. Ok so my bike has this bog that is pretty annoying. The bike sat parked for about 3 hours as the now unrecognizable partially dissolved dead fly settled back into its injector jet tomb. The fact it sat for 2 months says to me do a full carb clean. Many states have adopted laws and policies that group e bikes into one of three classes. It may help to give the bike a little twist of the throttle on the 3rd quick pull if the bike is on the carburetor to a position that is anywhere between fully opened and fully closed. When idling if you roll on throttle there is no problem with the 106 but when you blip the throttle fully open it makes a quick bog noise and stalls. Aug 21 2012 First post. 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250. Then rolled on throttle bike dies. However the battery marker on the control pad does go down to the end when i am going up that hill when before the controller was changed it would only go 2 points Re Bike will only start with choke opened up then dies Reply 19 on October 13 2016 03 45 25 pm If there is a fuel filter after the tank replace it or remove it. so after stripping the carb So before I made a forum post about my bike not idling and it wasn 39 t idling no matter what I tried however I was able to pull the throttle normally and ride On a conventional bike you 39 ve got to dig in and keep pedaling. Usually if I go through that process 2x it will stay on if I keep giving it throttle inputs. But today when I took the bike out of the garage to go for a ride it did not work well anymore. o. May 27 2008 Bike idles perfect but dies when given the slightest amount of throttle. Full Throttle Saloon is an American reality television series that premiered on November 10 2009 and originally aired on truTV. When I went to start it I pulled out the choke and the bike started fine. When the bike is fully warmed up the gear is in neutral and I blip the throttle the engine dies. And it would smoke like hell 9 Apr 2013 but when it is at idle and i quickly twist the throttle wide open it just dies. It 39 s only got about 4000 miles on it. Throttle Open On older vehicles an idle air control IAC valve is used to control idle speed via the computer there is no adjustments on either style of throttle body configurations. With the engine running the butterflies operate as you 39 d expect but I didn 39 t rev the nuts off it to see whether it opened fully and at what revs but according to the dynojet sheets and graphs the Apr 14 2019 The problem worsens when the engine is warm. What a great find it was Lucky for us due to Covid we were the only two people in the Saloon along with 2 servers for most of our stay here. Seems like a fuel supply problem. Hi I have a 98 ST2 stock with a problem. Now bring it to the midpoint of these 2 spots. P. Wait till the engine has completely stopped and it 39 ll restart no problems. When giving the bike throttle the engine doesn 39 t rev up. It fires right up and idles high but I still have the same cruising and low end rpm problem where it loads up bucks and stumbles until either it stalls on itself or I crack open the throttle. After I let it warm up I gave it some throttle and it dies on me. Poor routine maintenance also affects throttle performance when dirt gunk and other debris builds up around the tube and housing and causes sticky throttle. My poor bike is not working Sad It seems as soon as I pull the throttle the engine dies. I start it again. You may be flooding it. This week after adding fresh gas it would idle at 1500 smoothly but upon slightest turn of the throttle or use of choke it would die instantly. Opening the choke blasts fuel into the carbs to keep it going. running depress tickler to flood float chamber close air valve open throttle slightly and start engine. Start the engine and do a full throttle run down the straight through all gears. Jump to Latest Follow 1 10 of 10 Posts. QUOTE I 39 m not sure I understand this part. Sep 06 2020 02 SV650s Dies mid throttle need expert eyes The Garage The engine of my custom bike Screaming Eagle 103 stalls every time I fully open the throttle regardless of the selected gear and the speed at which the bike is going. 5 Warn winch 2 quot Perfex long travel lift kit High Lifter springs 26 11 12 Sedona Ripsaws on rear 26 9 12 Sedona Ripsaws on front When your bike is at idle the throttle body butterfly 39 s are nearly note I said nearly fully closed. They would idle all day but die if you hit the throttle. It s an 86 pound bike with a single gear and a thumb throttle. main jet the best trackside method to determine the size of the main jet 7 in illus. Mar 10 2008 After letting it run for a loong time I tried putting the choke in and the bike just dies. Meaning the engine starts spluttering and stops delivering power and acceleration. How did you sync the carbs if it has a cold 3 cylinder Ride safe Ted Roll off throttle or start going downhill and the bike dies. The easiest way to test it is to do a throttle chop test. I 39 ve been experiencing a complete engine bog at high speed. my 04 450 when i kick it over it turns over but does not start if i open the throttle up it will start up if i continue to rev it but once you stop reving it it shuts off. bike dies when throttle fully opened