best buckshot for deer hunting Buckshot has real advantages when shooting at running deer nbsp 25 Dec 2016 Twelve gauge shotguns make excellent weapons for deer hunting. These are just a few of the many loads that are useful with the 12 gauge shotgun . Please be sure to visit us on Social Media Aug 18 2020 Jun 10 2016 I prefer 4 buckshot in a short barreled riot gun for home protection with a back up M amp P 45 with a bottom rail light and quot OO quot buck shot for deer hunting in brushy areas and at close range 50 yards and under. NationalLand. 62 likes. The best load in my gun was 3 quot Federal Premium 00. Aug 21 2020 Odds are there s one near you that offers some type of hunting. That 39 s going to be under 50 yards. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. 209 WAA12F114 30 8 400 PSI 1250 Lead Buckshot 12 9 00 LEAD BUCKSHOT HS 6 Win. Mar 05 2006 what choke for 4 buckshot I grew up hunting in the jungles with dogs chasing deer or pigs and still hunting in jungles. Enjoy this article delving into the buckshot vs slug debate Please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. I use a 21 quot fully rifled barrel with sabot slugs for deer but some of the other hunters in the area use buckshot later in the season when we push the deer and tell me it works. However there s little consensus about the subject in fact even ammunition companies Oct 26 2008 Going hunting this weekend as it is opening of gun season The place where I will be hunting wants me to use a shotgun. All in all it comes down to the hunter making the right nbsp I 39 ve been using Buckshot for over 30 years and it will put em down when you make a good shot I have killed bucks running flat out or standing nbsp 18 Dec 2010 Thoughts on 20 ga buckshot for deer Around the Campfire. 22lr. Sometimes you just need some good ol fashion hurting bombs. But there is a third option called buckshot that is shotshell which can be used for hunting and home defense. The result is the ideal tight patterning personal defense load. quot South central Wisconsin is prime whitetail hunting habitat. buckshotoutfitting. As far as slugs with the tight constriction of the barrel I didn 39 t think slugs were a good option but Hunt In Liberty Hardin Uvalde Leakey and Rebel 39 s Honky Tonk. The consensus among hunters back then was that 1 buck tended to pattern more consistently than larger buckshot. The Royal Buck line of buckshot from Rio was designed with input from some of the most experienced deer hunting experts. Long surgery later he was walking again. But the public hunting area has significantly diminished in recent years due to the timber groups that own the land leasing more of it for private hunting. Apr 10 2015 Recently we looked at the pros and cons of using birdshot loads for home defense. 357 to . When most people think of guns they assume most are all purpose. com At 80 yards 1 00 buck pellet WILL kill a deer if it hits the vitals but you are going to want to wait for the deer to lay down and die nearby. The x tra full seems larger than the full on the inside Looking for some experiance here as I dont have a test site before Here is a quick list of over the counter 12 gauge hunting buckshot loads put up with buffer and a full length shot cup. Deer and Hog Hunting Deer and Hog Hunting With Shotguns When using shotguns for deer or hog hunting we have two choices either buckshot or slugs. Having been chastised many times for stating In My Opinion I don 39 t consider shooting animals over timed feeders hunting UNLESS the person hunting has health or mobility problems or has Nov 14 2019 Hunter shoots his friend after mistaking him for a DEER and requires surgery for buckshot that passed through his upper body. Best Choke for Buckshot Deer Hunting. Another option usually used for brush hunting or those stalking through dense forest is buckshot which fires out large balls in a dense pattern. Our treestands have a 30 yr history in the treestand business. The Solution Sikes Act Protections. I have also used 4 3 inch buck shot effectively on a buck and he went 30 yards and crashed dead. A lifelong whitetail hunter who uses dogs and a shotgun loaded with buckshot Watkins has taken more than 400 deer and Nov 02 2018 00 buckshot usually called simply double aught is an effective round that can be used for deer hunting but also has applications in larger game including heavy hog and even large game animals found in the western United States. quot First let me start by saying I am not new to shooting. I will be using a Mossberg 935 with 31 2 remington 00 buckshot. Opinions run strong among hunters on the issue of shotgun hunting for deer. it came down to Winchester superXX copper plated patterned 000 buck shot best. Oct 23 2007 The woonded deer I never found and best I can tell it was a lower back leg hit and it was with a deer slug. 5 buckshot. With this the muzzle velocity is about 1 325 feet per Jul 06 2015 quot The overall buck kill of 46 000 plus deer for regular bow and crossbow hunters combined was an all time record. When it comes to deer hunting Comp N Choke offers you the best all around product on the market. These are basically large lead balls inside shells that get loaded into the shotgun. It comes down to shot placement. Guess ya need to see what your gun shoots the best. Aug 10 2019 Buckshot today is evolving. Rifled slugs are front heavy 1 oz lead projectile with grooves in the nbsp Im looking for some different opinions on a good shotgun for deer Personally if I was going to hunt deer with buckshot I would go with a nbsp I personally think that buckshot can be used ethically and with good results in the hands of a disciplined and conscientious hunter who keeps his nbsp Why is quot buckshot quot permitted to hunt deer in PA our prevailing Philly Heads felt that quot if it 39 s good enough there it 39 s good enough here quot . As a teenager the first deer I ever shot was taken with a full choked smoothbore 20 gauge Browning Auto 5 shooting 3 4 oz Winchester rifled slugs. Nov 07 2018 Below we will offer you four of the best rounds to use for deer hunting 20 Gauge. The 4 might be better in an urban environment where thin apartment walls in the next apartment are an issue. Customer Review Popularity Mar 19 2008 The best response that I received was that the law is not mainly for varmit hunters but rather for the small game hunters that may want to keep a buck shot round handy for deer. I like the smaller buck none of my guns pattern 00 or larger buck well at all. imp. Don 39 t know why a larger buckshot is not available . In this manner he could hunt rabbits birds deer and Redcoats. Most of this state is very conducive to hunting with rifles. Some say open choke for big buck shot is good otheres prefer full. Jun 24 2020 Shotguns can be great multipurpose hunting tools. Fiocchi Nickel Plated Low Recoil Buckshot 12 ga 2 3 4 quot 00 Buck 10 box. Aug 18 2020 Jun 10 2016 I prefer 4 buckshot in a short barreled riot gun for home protection with a back up M amp P 45 with a bottom rail light and quot OO quot buck shot for deer hunting in brushy areas and at close range 50 yards and under. Mar 17 2016 There is no quot best choke quot for buckshot for a number of reasons. com Cailein Campbell Office 855. The hunters need to know a lot to create the best combination of guns chokes and loads for their purposes. Sportsman 39 s Guide has your Federal Classic 16 Gauge 2 3 4 quot 12 Pellets 1 Buck Buckshot 5 Rounds available at a great price in our 16 Gauge Shells collection Nov 01 2019 The hunter who shot the deer must be in the photo. is arguably the best choice out of all of the straight wall cartridges. I tried the 2 3 4 loads this year and the Law enforcement loads and they did not pattern as well less pellets the Law enforcement load is meant for that My son shot 2 deer 40 yards and 30 hit them good and never In my own testing with the Federal Flite Control buckshot loads I ve experienced the best by far results with a cylinder bore choke on two different shotguns. Hang On Tree Stand Durable Steel Rifle Archery Bow Hunting Deer Turkey Footrest 87. 5 quot loads partial shot cup Jan 09 2017 Deer hunting in snowy weather muffles sticks breaking under your feet and in addition gives you deer sign to follow while still hunting for deer. Jun 30 2014 This past year was my first season hunting deer with a shotgun. To me its much like when I deer hunt the 22 250 will kill the deer but not as well as my 270 in more difficult situations. Nov 05 2013 Buckshot is illegal for deer hunting in Indiana. Max shot 50 yards but would most likely be shooting 15 30 yards. Outfitter Specializes in Guided Hunts of Elk Deer Antelope Sheep Refer to the Deer Hunting regulations in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations 321 CMR 3. Best Loads Aside from the fact that 00 buckshot is not available in a factory 20 gauge load due to shell size limitations your shot selection need not be affected by switching to the 20. The buckshot however is entirely different put a load of it into the neck and the chances of spinal column large arteries etc. All buckshot was originally intended for hunting deer at fairly close range in wooded areas so this is a good choice if you re going to be in heavier brush with more obstructions. Right now we estimate that there are more than 100 000 deer across the state. Whether with buckshot for deer or black bear or lead BBs or 2s for coyote you ll discover the efficiency of large shot with our wad retarding choke tubes. If you are going to try deer hunting with it then definitly go with the 12ga. Regulations. The best was the full with 4 pellets out of 12 in a 20x20 I 39 ve found that even with a full choke 00 buckshot spreads entirely too wide for coyote hunting. 8 Aug 2016 Matt Geddings with a nice buck taken on a Lowcountry deer drive. I use a 1300 Winchester with a 21 quot smooth bore slug barrel with sights and a modified choke. 308 rifle and must not have hit him where he thought he nbsp 18 Feb 2016 Whitetail Deer Hunting Buckshot for deer hunting I came across a 1983 browning auto 5 12ga with a 26 quot fixed modified choke barrel in good. The extra pellets in 0 buck make it a decent choice over larger buckshot. I 39 ve used the 3 1 2 quot load before and have killed two deer with it. As you ll see the current market trends are cranking out more efficient centerfire cartridges the introduction of additional choices in the copper field and improved accuracy for slug gun hunters. 6 10 400 PSI 1250 Aug 26 2020 Wasting Buckshot Dog Hunting 2020 Deer Season. Such lead balls possess the weight and thus momentum needed to penetrate to a larger target s vital Dec 30 2013 Come hunting with me In a real life hunting scenario we 39 ll test Federal 39 s Premium VitalShok Copper Plated 00 FliteControl Buckshot. 32 caliber pellets. But because of the low pellet count the bullet is not as effective in hunting birds and nbsp 30 Oct 2019 4 which is the generally the smallest lead buckshot utilized for deer Only through patterning process will you find the best choke for your nbsp 7 Jul 2010 I really don 39 t stand much of a chance with a 20 quot barrel Mossberg 590 but gave it a try. 00 Buckshot High stopping power 20 quot Home Defense if over penetration is not a concern. Buckshot contains bigger pellets inside the shotshells than the birdshot shotshells. The gun was my bird gun so all it had for sights was the front bead. Don 39 t Miss Public Land Deer Hunting You Don 39 t Know About. Even if you are busting brush you still need to nbsp 10 Oct 2019 A basic understanding of buckshot can help you hunt better. Let me put it this way if deer could do what boars can do there would only be sober hunters and not that many of them on opening day. That sucks that you 39 re forced to use buckshot after finding loads of buckshot healed over in the necks of deer and losing half the meat off another one that had been hit by buckshot earlier in the season I 39 m converted to slugs if i 39 m hunting with a shotgun. To recap Jun 24 2017 We are often asked for advice about the best choke for buckshot the truth is that it has to be decided by testing and the results will vary between guns and chokes here is the method we employed while developing the practical shotgun. Buckshot New for 2016 We are introducing our new Boar Blaster choke tube at the 2016 SHOT Show. Here is a novel idea BuddyMX2000RS . Smith double and a load of no. We offer Nebraska deer and turkey hunting with home cooked meals Nebraska style. I have only taken a couple of deer with Buck Shot but have patterned several loads with several chokes. Buckshot Outfitting is a Naples Idaho outfitter and hunting guide who guided hunts include elk deer antelope sheep. 1. 5 or 8 Smaller buckshot loads like No. Proponents say that it s lightweight and minimal kick make it an excellent gun for various types of game and for beginners while critics claim the weapon lacks the power needed to get the job done especially when it comes to larger game like deer. Where to Fish. There will be no pheasant releases at this site in 2019. i patterned different brands and sizes of buckshot. Buckshot Ballistics The effectiveness of buckshot in hunting applications is a point of contention within the shooting community. Wasting Buckshot Dog Hunting 2020 Deer Season. They make buckshot for 12 ga. 45 70 is seeing a resurgence in popularity and use and understandably so. Indeed there were even myths regarding the best choke for buckshot as the author clearly shows. For the good old buckshot pattern and range are directly proportional such that as nbsp 29 Oct 2013 When choosing a shotgun the next step is consider the merits of slugs vs buckshot. Sep 17 2018 Buckshot is a very common way to hunt deer in Alabama where we have plenty of deer. If you 39 re planning on a hog hunt or a deer hunt with 00 or 000 buckshot this year you owe it to yourself to check out the Boar Blaster Choke Tube on the Trulock Choke Tubes website at www Aug 08 2012 The top public hunting area was the Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area with a total of 513. 5 feet Game Gun Bow Hunting Archery Deer with Mesh Seat New 20 hours ago Best 12 Gauge Ammo for Deer Hunting We suggest 0 000 Buckshot amp Slugs Aptly named buckshot is ideal for hunting deer including whitetail and elk. Best bet is to buy a pump or semi auto with combo kit barrel set up for Deer and or Turkey hunting. A chart is provided which depicts the best shotgun gauge choke barrel length and shot size for hunting game and waterfowl. Shotguns launch shot in a string. quot People are at odds about this whole buckshot hunting and timber 36. See more ideas about Apparel Mens tshirts Rustic outfits. Jul 17 2011 A deer gut shot with a rifle or bow is bad with buckshot it is a nightmare. Hind sight is always 20 20 and looking back on it Im pretty sure I made a poor shot. Jul 20 2018 The Revolutionary War era hunter and soldier could load Old Betsy with a solid ball of lead or one ball and a few large buckshot known as buck and ball or a load of fine birdshot. Any centerfire rifle caliber will kill a deer with the right shot placement but the vast majority of deer hunters use calibers between . I grew up hunting. 00 buck is a powerful powder load behind eight . These can be used in a variety of shotguns but are typically found in 10 12 and 16 gauge guns. We offer Foster Brenneke and Sabot slug types to suit your specific shotgun style and particular hunting and shooting needs. A choke is a thing that constricts the shotgun barrel 39 s bore which is located at nbsp I helped him track that deer with a good trail dog well into the night. The best of luck to you on the hunt That sucks that you 39 re forced to use buckshot after finding loads of buckshot healed over in the necks of deer and losing half the meat off another one that had been hit by buckshot earlier in the season I 39 m converted to slugs if i 39 m hunting with a shotgun. With our superior combination of conical parallel and slot porting you can expect consistent buckshot patterns inside a 22 quot circle at 40 yards with tight effective consistent patterns out to 50 yards. 209 WAA12R 23. 82 inches or in . 3. 410 and anyone who says you can 39 t is simply wrong. DANGERIOUS I cant say it enough and you know there will be people that will do that. shotguns. 1 buckshot. Buckshot is good in thick woods like my cass county lease. Fishing I ve killed a bunch of deer with 00 and patternmaster tube and 3 Winchester AA. Aug 28 2011 When deer hunting in thick cover or traveling through bear country a shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot provides hunters with an easy to aim firearm that packs a heavy punch. Although I have a separate rifled barrel with a scope I 39 m thinking buckshot would be more effective in this type of close quarters hunting. As noted in the video using buckshot for deer hunting is nbsp 18 Dec 2011 Doe and Buck shot with my Remington 870 Express Magnum using Remington 3 quot 00 Buckshot. Just a few observation from LOTS of deer killed with buckshot loads. Our NEW Ported Buckshot choke tube is designed to give you tight patterns downrange with 00 amp 000 buckshot. Another buckshot bullet style that comes from Remington is the Remington Express 00 Buckshot 2 shells as the perfect solution to hunting whitetail deer. Nov 01 2019 The hunter who shot the deer must be in the photo. But buckshot loads are being and have been recently developed that may have us all changing our opinions soon. Summary A mouthful of a name for a typical 870 tough hardworking and a real deer dropper. Mar 23 2017 I have shot deer with my H amp R 20 ga slugger it is pretty uneventful and results in a clean kill. 7 Mar 2008 To me it 39 s the best way to take flushed deer who are moving or stopping momentarily. being hit are great. Nov 18 2008 Buckshot for deer is basically designed for shots at 50 yards or closer although some people have killed deer at 100 yards. That is mostly luckI say mostly because it depends on the gun the choke and the type of buckshot. Species A Z. Choose a good slug and wait for a good clean killing shot. See full list on foundryoutdoors. The company 39 s 12 gauge 2 3 4 inch Superformance 00 buckshot load contains just eight pellets. Pattern your gun with 1 0 and 00 to see which it likes best also a lot of guns blow the pattern if you use magnum buckshot loads so dont think they are always better it is how tight it patterns at deer distance not how much shot you are throwing. Nonetheless get it straight from me although I am not an expert I have enough exposure to game hunting. The 12 gauge PDX1 Defender ammunition features a distinctive black hull black oxide high base head and 3 pellets of Grex buffered 00 plated buckshot nested on top of a 1 oz rifled slug. Nov 19 2018 One of the Best New Deer Rifles in 6. What kind of choke should I use for t Nov 18 2011 Deer Hunting Buckshot vs Slug In a double barrel shotgun side by side for deer hunting in USA 39 s North Eastern woods would you recommend buckshot or slugs If you need a specific state it 39 ll be Connecticut. Jan 06 2016 Flanking shots would be put in the rib cage so basically I would be using buckshot like in turkey hunting but for deer. Antlered deer may be taken every day of the season. 460. To manage the size of Massachusetts 39 deer population MassWildlife regulates hunting during 3 distinct seasons using 15 wildlife management zones. If you ever recover the deer much of its meat will be tainted plus it will have suffered tremendously. It is a . 00 and 000 buck pattern into 15 quot patterns. Youth Deer Hunt On the fourth Saturday following Labor Day Jun 24 2017 We are often asked for advice about the best choke for buckshot the truth is that it has to be decided by testing and the results will vary between guns and chokes here is the method we employed while developing the practical shotgun. Jun 24 2020 Believe it or not I have gobs of 16 gauge buckshot and some 12 gauge but I want a case and can 39 t find any. Fools children and drunks would soon be weeded out by the hogs. The best type of shotgun ammunition for home defense is buckshot. The shorter barrel won t likely have as big of 00 buck or double aught buckshot commonly mistaken as double ought buck is probably the most famous type of shotgun ammo of all time. They make a load called quot dead coyote quot It 39 s 4 buck NOT 4 shot there 39 s a difference. Remington model 870 or 1187 with rifled barrel and vent rib barrel mossberg 500 combo barrels as well. Whether used for hunting hogs deer or predators or for defending one s home Federal Power Shok Buckshot loads offer the patterns and terminal performance shooters need. See full list on ammoforsale. Like Gotlabs I grew up dog hunting in South Carolina and killed my first few deer with buckshot. I shoot 4 buck out of a Trulock 39 precision hunter 39 in my M2 for predator hunting. 3 Remington 870 SPS ShurShot Synthetic Super Slug. I think that there is more to it than just saying quot Yes it works quot or quot No it doesn 39 t quot . com My one experience with buckshot on a medium sized Arkansas buck at a range of less than 10 yards was so poor I 39 ll never use the stuff on deer again. I shot at a smaller buck with it on Thanksgiving morning with 000 buck out of a barrell with a built in full choke. 30 06 inclusive for deer hunting. I do not use buckshot for deer hunting I prefer slugs but I do use it in my personal protection HD shotguns I believe the shotgun is the single best option for home defense available. Antlerless deer may only be taken on the designated either sex deer hunting days listed below. 870 hasn 39 t jammed yet. This is true of any caliber nbsp 6 Nov 2019 Often used to harvest whitetail bucks in areas that restrict rifle hunting buckshot is devastating when used at close range on these thin skinned nbsp 12 Feb 2018 Just your opinion on using buck shot for deer what size do you think is the best Have you ever used it in any states or counties that allowed nbsp When it comes to deer hunting Comp N Choke offers you the best all around Our buckshot chokes are recommended based on the pellet size that you wish to nbsp When using shotguns for deer hunting we have two choices either buckshot or different loads to see which works the best in your gun choke combination. 4 buck will pattern 100 in a 20 quot circle at 40 yards. 1 Jan 2009 With a significant amount of hound hunting for deer hereabouts many hunters find They are about as good as buckshot shells can get. The 4 buckshot is stacked in rows of 4 with a BB in the center or a row of 4 with another 4 buck in the center. You could possibly use the browning with 00 buck shot but buck shot sucks IMO. This choke is ported to reduce recoil and muzzle jump that tend to go hand in hand with these large loads. Nov 10 2008 The theory that an open choke is best for big buck shot is one I have long disagreed with. Reducing You need good penetration at distance. When I was setting up my Berretta 391 for buckshot to hunt coyotes the magic combo for me was the Kicks Industries Buck Kicker. My cousin and I were hunting and he asked if I knew what a quot hillbille Slug quot was he scored circumference of the plastic case of a 12 ga high brass bird shot round and shot it through an old car door at about 30 yards looked like a slug never seen game shot with one but it made a believer out of me. The black synthetic stock has a no glare matte finish that 39 s textured for a sure grip under all whitetail hunting conditions. 2 Feb 2020 We go over the best shotgun ammo for home defense based on ballistics. Dec 07 2009 Buckshot should never be used beyond 40 yards max and they really start losing steam beyond 30 yards. All in all longer barrel full choke and test learn patterning. 410 buckshot usually carries 3 000 size pellets. Nov 05 2013 We all want to go home with a dead deer not a dead hunting partner. Whether it s thick brush you love big calibers Product Title Hunting Knife Buckshot 8 quot Full Tang Silver Blade Bla Average rating 0 out of 5 stars To ensure we are able to help you as best we can please Featuring Federal 39 s Triple Plus wad technology Power Shok buckshot is proven to give you better shot alignment and hard hitting performance in the field. 5 inches that use straight wall handgun ammunition in . C. so when we talked about guns and deer hunting it was usually around the side by sides vs auto loaders pumps and buckshot sizes. 5 seems to take the starch out of whitetail deer that might run half a mile with nbsp what do you guys use smooth bore with buck shot and slugs or rifled I understand that buckshot can be effective within it 39 s limitations but so often hunters try to I don 39 t buy into this quot it 39 s good for running deer quot idea either. Buckshot is used for hunting moose caribou deer and any other large game. One of the Best Climbing Treestands for bow and gun hunting whitetail deer on public land or private land. I 39 ve heard reports of 80 yd. Combined with Federal 39 s reputation for quality and awesome stopping power you 39 ll get the results you 39 ve been looking for in a buckshot round. Once he killed a deer at 105 yards with buckshot. Participants may use any type of shotgun but shooting only buckshot at a deer sized targe Nov 29 2009 I have killed truck loads of deer with Number 4 buck shot out to about 70 yards. Estate Shotshells Hunting Loads Buckshot 12 Gauge 2. For starters if you want to know where to shoot a deer you must consider the firearms and the equipment such as the 308 rifle scope or bow sights you are using Oct 02 2013 In the course of deer hunting over fifty years Walt Hampton has seen a few deer get shot. Aug 07 2020 5 The Best Places to Shoot a Deer and Kill It Instantly. 24 quot Wide BuckShot BigShot w 3 way Movable Seat Buckshot Run Outiftters LLC. The best advise I can give you is to pattern the choke tube and buckshot combination on paper BEFORE hunting with it. Please view About Us. 18 pellets was better than 15 in this situation. Hunting season framework. Buckshot and shotgun slug ammunition are available from Kittery Trading Post in . 50 Feb 18 2019 Chip Watkins owns Monquin Creek a deer hunting operation in Virginia. Those looking to take a shot on a deer that is 75 yards away or closer can use rifled slugs. . Especially in the last 18 months. Nov 06 2007 Buck shot should be used if your son is hunting in thick cover where he cannot cover a lot of ground. My 15 year old daughter shoots a 20ga and handles it very well. 243 and . Feb 17 2020 In fact with most buck shot or large shot you are finding a balance between pellet deformation and amount that you can constrict it. I am a huge fan of buckshot for deer hunting. A new 2019 deer rifle from Remington is turning heads and making waves in the 6. 209 WAA12F114 31 8 700 PSI 1300 Lead Buckshot 12 27 4 LEAD BUCKSHOT Universal Win. Here are his best deer loads. 331. Change any one of these and you may have an excellent pattern or one that a coyote could walk through. Shoot them in the head with 12 00 or 000. 87 Ladder Tree Stand 15. i used a 12 gauge magnum doghunting for over 30 years. 5 amp quot 00 Buckshot what kind of choke Stoeger 3500. 00 buck likes IC and aside from the Federal load with Flight control the rest I tested were totally unworthy. that had a 30 inch full choke barrel and the only buck shot load that it would pattern tight with was the 2 3 4 inch Rem baby mag that had 27 pellets of 4 buck. 36 quot Shotgun must have an adjustable open iron or peep sight or a scope affixed if hunter is hunting with or in possession of slugs Chip Watkins owns Monquin Creek a deer hunting operation in Virginia. Next is the Shell. Fishing. Although this load proved to be fatal I cannot say that I recommend using buckshot loads in the 16 gauge on deer except for killing already wounded animals in thick cover. I do not believe buckshot s poor reputation is entirely due to inadequacies in the round. Forty years ago I killed a lot of deer with 1 buckshot when I used to participate in dog hunting drives. Dec 07 2011 The best of today 39 s slugs and slug guns can deliver accuracy as good as many ordinary hunting rifles out to 100 yards 150 yards and even beyond. Seasons. The Triple Plus wad system provides better shot alignment and granulated plastic buffer keeps pellets uniform in shape for tight patterns. Shooting buckshot at a deer that is out of range in unethical. 93 Acres Pender County NC 42 500 National Land Realty 949 Delco School Road Delco NC 28436 www. 2018 Buckshot fire update The vegetation is recovering at the Buckshot Unit but hunting opportunities will still be limited. Anything tighter than that the pellets bounce off each other creating an irradic pattern. Buckshot is most effective at ranges out to about 50 yards while a scoped shotgun shooting slugs through a rifled barrel can be effective out to 125 yards or so. Five years ago more than 1 200 deer were taken off Three Rivers in southeastern Oklahoma. Feb 11 2015 The regular federal buckshot is not to good had several bad patterns 1 misfire. 25 inches and a maximum case length of 1. in my sbe2 i tried ic . Of course I dont know how you are hunting I only use buckshot when running with dogs and there is only a second or two of shooting time and distance is random so you must make it count. However hunters usually have different shotguns for hunting turkeys than they do for hunting deer. Sep 19 2007 I hunted deer in NJ for 40 years with buckshot and with a modified or full choke 12ga gun at 30 yards buckshot is fine. Try pushing that sucker out with the steel whip on your buddies truck while riding on the dogbox and him trying to cut the deer off like he was at Daytona. Jul 24 2020 Buckshot Is For Bucks In the 1950s buckshot did not exactly have a stellar reputation but in states like New Jersey buckshot was the only legal method of taking deer. Normally I only fire a shot or two each season but its a matter of principle if an alternative exists. Back in the late 70s I used a Remington 1100 3 39 mag with a 30 quot full choke. i 39 ve used 4buck 1 0 00 and 000 buckshot. 384. Thus a shotgun with less moving parts does the job best. Best 4 Buckshot patterns I have shot Rem3 quot Win3 quot and Fed 3 quot has been with a Carlson 39 s Turkey choke in my 11 87. They 39 re stuck in the 39 80 39 s and tried a 2 3 4 quot home defense load on a deer at 80yds one time. Fairfax County only allows buckshot hunting during its deer season and Stafford County has no restrictions on hunting said state Game Warden Randy Grauer. Loaded with our Power Piston one piece wad for consistent patterns. Federal ups the ante on buckshot for defense with segmenting Force X2 that multiplies wound channels while limiting over penetration. A lifelong whitetail hunter who uses dogs and a shotgun loaded with buckshot Watkins has taken more than 400 deer and witnessed thousands hit the dirt. Ignore the know it all hunters that tell you buckshot is for people who can 39 t aim and should be outlawed. The timing for this Oct 05 2018 Best BUCKSHOT User Name Remember Me Password Forum Register Ammo All Ammo Discussions Go Here Thread Tools Display Modes 1 10 02 2018 10 09 PM Mar 20 2017 If you want to hunt deer then you probably figure slugs are the best. 41 caliber to a maximum of . Out to 50 yards they almost always fold up with one shot. 33 in diameter. when I started hunting with the club I was using a win M 12 20 ga. Source Finding the best chokes for buckshot deer hunting is very challenging. 75in 9 Pellets 00 Buckshot HV12BK25 Shop Ammo Freedom for all your shotshell buckshot loads. As far as ethical hunting goes I want a full powered buckshot load for the range and power it offers for medium sized game. The results showed what I 39 ve seen previously IC and Full chokes both shoot well but IC is too open past 30 yards. Shot is for birds and small game it has no place in the deer woods Deer Hunting Choke Tubes Deer Hunting With Shotguns When using shotguns for deer hunting we have two choices either buckshot or slugs. 5 CREEDMOOR AMMO FOR HUNTING ELK DEER AND OTHER BIG GAME Oct 10 2019 Regular reader Jim in NC recently suggested I write more about buckshot adding that I should not dismiss buckshot deer hunters as quot a bunch of knuckle dragging rednecks who should be shooting Apr 20 2020 Buckshot heavy shot is used for hunting deer and for personal defense. Take a look at these hunting shotguns that will be well worth your money Remington 870 399 3 quot Buckshot 1 Items Our Picks New Arrivals Best Selling Price Low To High Price High to Low Product Name A Z Product Name Z A Avg. When hunting dove and quail it 39 s best to pick No. That being said at close range i love 4 buckshot for coyotes. Deer Hunting Guide. 410 20 16 12 and 10 gauges. Let s take a look at a few of the recent innovations in 20 gauge slug ammunition from the big name companies. Shotguns barrel lengths choke tubes and ammo make huge differences in patterning. May 08 2018 The other day I did some casting a bunch of small batches of test bullets out of range lead One of the things I did was about 10 Lb of 4 Buckshot from a Lee mold As i use it on Coyote So I loaded a few quot Test quot loads for my Marlin 45 70 and a few 4 buck loads with a new to me data I found online always the quot Best quot place for Safe Data LOL Well I went to the range and had to wait for a Oct 12 2007 Modified and full chokes usually produce the best patterns. Rifled Sluggers in the photo attached. All other chokes seem to strip the wad to some extent from the pellets thus negating the high tech purpose of the wad. muzzleloaders for deer hunting. Remington Buckshot. mod. Call for bookings 308 968 3387 Nebraska Outfitter and Guides Association member since 2001. Bigger is better with nbsp Best Choke for Buckshot Deer Hunting 2020. Some counties here in Va. NEXT THIS IS THE BEST 6. The fixed 4x magnification gives what many consider to be the perfect amount of zoom for those shooting medium sized targets at up to 75 yards. 1100 12 ga. Buckshot is meant for medium sized game. Today 39 s Slug Guns Remington BuckShot Choke Tubes. Even one pellet in the intestine region will make gutting the deer especially unpleasant. I prefer nbsp Does number 1 buck provide enough penetration for whitetail deer the perfect load for my gun that provides a good combination of penetration and pattern. Oct 14 2009 They provide the best combination of shot size and number cause deer aren 39 t hard to penetrate and more shot equals more hits at a greater distance . well heres my first post on longrangehunting lol i live on whidbey island and shotguns are all you can hunt with here i use 4 for coyote hunting . Back the next year for more boar hunting. Jul 15 2010 500 cost me a buck one time dog hunting kinda sorta. If it 39 s a shotgun I 39 d go slugs. 33 in caliber. It has a very specific purpose and place for deer hunting and exceeds the performance of a slug gun when used properly. Let me explain. May 20 2020 With heavier pellets the force placed into the target will be greater. Jan 25 2016 There are three types of shotgun ammunition buckshot birdshot and slug. They call it quot buck quot shot for a reason. full and superfull . It is the Model Seven lineup and specifically called the Model Seven HS Precision not yet available the images and video in this blog are a sneak peek . Uploaded by czb1972 on August 26 2020 at 10 42 pm . Many hunters have killed good sized deer with a . If you re like me you ve pondered the suitability of . Do they allow rifles where you are going If so a Ruger 44 Deerfield with a Fastfire 3 is a very good alternative to buckshot. More www. 2 3 4 5 8 oz. Buckshotapparel. This great lineup of ammunition from Remington Express consists of plastic shell 2 inches which contains 9 lead pellets inside. Oct 11 2010 My first deer was killed with a 16 gauge L. If dogs are used to drive the deer or if human drivers are used buckshot is mandatory. Soft lead nbsp 9 Oct 2018 Scoped it will most likely shoot better than 4 quot 100 yds. It s important to know that buckshot does not conform to choking in the same ways as birdshot. The flight control Buckshot in 3 inch is the best I have ever shot it is powerful and patterns great. If your municipality allows using a slug is the best choice for taking deer when using a short barrel. My stands are set up for bow hunting and provide shorter shots so buckshot is ideal for me. Find Estate 12 Gauge ammo for sale online in stock and ready to ship. There 39 s lots to learn with buckshot. Buckshot will kill Deer if they are close enough. So nine projectiles about a third of an inch in diameter. 00 buckshot frequently referred to as double aught is the most popular at . com. Youth Deer Hunt On the fourth Saturday following Labor Day The black synthetic stock has a no glare matte finish that 39 s textured for a sure grip under all whitetail hunting conditions. Why not waste a box of buck shot by patterning it at the longest yardage you plan to shoot with diffrent chokes I gave up on big buck shot for deer years ago. When I use buckshot I use 4 buck. Unlike the high shoulder headshots have significantly little damage to meat. Best shotgun for Deer Hunting Posted by joeygalloway9 on 9 17 12 at 3 13 pm 0 0 I am looking to purchase a new shotgun that will be used for deer hunting while running dogs . And those forced to use buckshot would I am afraid go first. IME shot from a shotgun is the most worthless stuff out there for deer hunting I 39 d rather see folks using a . Fiocchi LE Reduced Recoil 12 Gauge 2 3 4 quot 00 Buck 00 Buckshot Low recoil N A Home Defense if standard loading is to much power for the shooter. 30 to 75 yds with little wind probably 2 3 quot . Federal Premium buckshot all shot sizes except 3. 675 or so constriction between normal full amp the tightest of turkey chokes. 4049 Fax 864. 13. It was a 50 yard gun at best. 02 4 as well as to several provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 131 for more information about deer hunting laws and regulations. We offer 3 of the best Notice the 3 words in parentheses Putiing it nicely starting the last paragraph of my thread. In a previous blog I talked about the pros and cons of shotguns vs. Best 12 Gauge Ammo for Deer Hunting We suggest 0 000 Buckshot amp Slugs Aptly named buckshot is ideal for hunting deer including whitetail and elk. First as most have said here a modified choke is a good place to start and will most often be the quot best quot choking. all my buds had remington M 11s 1100s plenty of winchester M 12s and some 1200s all were 2 3 4 quot and all were full choked. Several types may be suitable. Most people use buckshot for hunting big animals but they are suitable for self defense purposes as well. Oct 18 2018 As states that have traditionally been shotgun only for deer hunting are beginning to open their seasons to the use of straight wall cartridges the . Jul 04 2013 To kill an animal with a single shot is the goal of every responsible hunter. Buckshot While there are many different sizes of buckshot I consider two sizes 00 and 000 adequate for use in deer hunting. The answer to this question boils down to personal preference and ability. Here are eight of the most versatile hunting shotguns there are. I mean some good 00 is approximately the same as multiple 38 caliber rounds give or take a little. 7 7. I have personally fired 5 inch groups at 200 yards with sabot type 12 gauge slugs through interchangeable barrel full rifled Remington and Mossberg autoloaders and pump shotguns. It was no where close to my biggest GA buck but 148 inch 9 pts dont just walk out in front of me every day. I wanted to see how the Flitecontrol load compared to it. Include the hunter s full name where he or she lives and when and where the deer was arrowed. Shot doesn 39 t have enough trajectory velocity or penetration to humanely kill a deer and at best would be a 25 50 yd shot. Buckshot is the large round lead shot fired from a shotgun for hunting large animals suck as deer as in Bucks and Does shot for bucks The lead balls come in different sizes denoted by a number. The biggest advantage that a muzzleloader has over a shotgun shooting slugs or buckshot is increased range. Part of Fiocchi 39 s Exacta line of Nickel Plated Buckshot rounds these shells deliver consistent shot patterns making them ideal for both deer hunting and home Buckshot Duck Lodge is located in the very heart of the Mississippi Flyway between the Arkansas and White Rivers. The Fisheries and Wildlife Board oversees changes to the hunting seasons bag limits and antlerless deer permit numbers. Enjoy hunting but know what you 39 re doing and be safe. 30 30 Ammo For Hunting Deer amp Other Big Game Buck shot sizes not smaller than 4 0. South Carolina also has one of the most liberal hunting seasons in the country. The BuckShot Manufacturing Llc team is excited to bring back the three best treestands ever introduced to the Hunting Industry BuckShot BigShot CenterShot Equalizer Geared Leveling Treestands. Jun 9 2020 Deer Camp Cooking. So it was interesting to see the difference between nbsp Buckshot was initially designed to hunt medium sized animals such as deer. Lead Buckshot 12 9 00 LEAD BUCKSHOT HS 6 Win. BuckShot BigShot Rigid Arm Climber Original Equalizer Leveling Climber and SwiftLoc CenterShot Climber have a 20 year history of climbing trees to hunt white tail deer. Jan 13 2020 Although there are a wide variety of chokes calibers and action styles a good hunting shotgun should ultimately be reliable and you need to spare a few extra dollars to guarantee reliability. Permits. The best choke for buckshot is improved cyl and is effective out to 40yds. Express Buckshot Mega Packs. As mentioned earlier I have had best patterns and 4 buck with MOD choke. I 39 ve never shot a deer with buck shot myself every time I look into the safe and wonder what I want to take hunting it 39 s always a rifle I like to walk around too much. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our promotions discounts sales and special offers Nov 16 2008 Deer Hunting Forum I couldn 39 t get any chokes that came with the gun to pattern buckshot at 40 yards. Can you take a deer with a . Very few folks even owned a deer rifle and still hunting from a elevated stand was unheard of. I like clean kills so that being said you will have to decide just remember many things will kill them clean but only with good shot placement. He was shooting a . Federal Power Shok 12 Gauge 2 3 4 quot 4 Buck 4 Buckshot Lowest Great for hunting and shooting at clays but not the best for home defense. The other thing I believe I have learned is 00 0 and 1 all kill deer. Company Buckshot Outfitting Street 494492 Hwy 95 City Naples State Idaho Phone 208 267 3885 Zip 83847 Website www. Our 10 000 square foot lodge was established in August of 2000 and built on the buckshot mud of Southeast Arkansas County in Gillett Arkansas. Either sex Deer Hunting Days East of the Blue Ridge Oct. You MIGHT hit the dog with one pellet at 50 yds. 30 yd quick shots. Hunter Education. Winchester Super X 12 Gauge 2 3 4 quot HP Rifled Slug Slug Shot Best for hunting not HD 27 quot Hunting Rio Royal Buck 20 ga 2 3 4 quot 9 plts 1 1345 fps 25 box. A deer hunter opened fire on a buddy he mistakened for one of the Sportsman 39 s Guide has your Federal Classic 20 Gauge 3 quot 18 Pellets 2 Buck Buckshot 5 Rounds available at a great price in our 20 Gauge Shells collection Skip to main content Hunting Sale Up to 200 Off essential Gear Buckshot is comprised of nine pellets measuring about . 625 inches to 1. But because of the low pellet count the bullet is not as effective in hunting birds and smaller animals. Buckshot is notoriously unpredictable in performance and don 39 t expect much of a blood trail. Birdshot is comprised of dozens of small projectiles. You could of course use buckshot to kill a duck pheasant or squirrel but you would significantly destroy the animal leaving little meat or pelt to harvest. Very rarely will I ever go with buckshot only generally if I have a shotgun with buckshot there 39 s a rifle up the tree with me also . Handguns legal for deer hunting are limited to revolvers and single shot pistols with a barrel length of at least 5. But should we be aiming elsewhere We asked a number of deer cullers those sharpshooters whose job requires them to kill deer quickly for their perspectives on bullet placement. Fortunately advances in slugs and slug guns for deer have changed all that Nov 13 2011 Looks like the deer are holding up in the corn that 39 s still up around my place. Another thing with buckshot is that some people think well they can sneek enough pellets through the brush to get their deer. kills with it. These 12 gauge Fiocchi buckshot shells come in a convenient 10 piece box each shell measuring 2_ inches long. It is much like a big 30 30 but unless regulated to a shotgun a rifle is a much better choice just do not feel under gunned with a slugger. Now it s time to look at the flip side using big and heavy buckshot for the same purpose. Aug 15th Jan 1st no limit on bucks. 410 shotgun is a hunting weapon that s loved by some hunters and disliked by others. That 39 s a big hole if your sitting close to tag nbsp 27 Nov 2018 Federal FliteControl ammo works best with barrels that feature an open choke cylinder bore. Polymer buffering helps maintain pellet roundness for tight patterns. Birdshot is meant for bird hunting. Buckshot choke tubes are just like any other choke tube you use and the best way to determine the right choke for you is to try different choke tubes with your gun and different loads of buckshot. MAYBE. 13 full season In all areas including Merrimac Farm WMA and Occoneechee State Park unless otherwise noted below. 32 inch pellets the 00 shot delivers reliable penetration and energy transfer. Some view Shotgun projectiles whether buckshot or slugs don 39 t carry energy as far as a rifle bullet. Express Buckshot is a great load for hunting home defense or Nov 29 2009 I have killed truck loads of deer with Number 4 buck shot out to about 70 yards. 21 Oct 2014 A friend got good patterns at 75 using the same load with a Cylinder choke. Just get a heavy one and it will reduce the felt recoil. Winchester 39 s shotshell ammo delivers the ultimate in perfomance and versatility for shotguns in a variety of shotgun gauge sizes and lengths including shotgun slugs and more than 110 lead free shotshell options. The load may have tighter cohesion at closer range and the load spreads as range increases resulting in an ever increasing pattern. It is a common perception that if you use buckshot you are an unethical hunter. only allow buckshot which I think is silly. That is why in most cases there is no best universal choke. 45 70 Gov t. i dont know on the 00 because ive never found any use for it luck adam Go for slugs over buckshot for larger game. Used shot shell loaders are easy to find and the Mec Sizemaster is easily adjusted from 2 3 4 to 3 quot hulls. Brand. Deer Rifled Slug or 00 Buck Shot 12 Aug 27 2020 So where is the best place to shoot a deer without it scampering off with a serious injury Well there are several answers to this question and they all depend on several factors. GOOD LUCK keep it CLOSE. A lot of guys will tell you that they killed deer at 60 or 70 yards but for every deer killed many more are wounded. Jul 14 2011 I have shot many deer with buckshot and was very confident I could put a clean kill shot on the buck with my 3. If you think you might Jul 15 2020 Deer hunting is also a legitimate chore for buckshot. So we tested with a Benelli M2 with the 28 barrel and chokes are the standard Benelli flush fit tube with the full set of extended chokes for the test. In order to be able to post messages on the Deer Hunting Forums forums you must first register. The . 1610 Ccampbell nationalland. Method of Take Handgun Hunting. MSRP 1 149. Out of all the doubles I tried that trick with maybe a half dozen or so when having moved to an area where local deer hunting laws mandated shotgun slugs or ML 39 s all but one failed miserably. Nov 03 2013 Yes it will kill a deer but keep it as close as possible 35 yards would be my longest shot and only broadside. IC worked almost as good. See Also Best Rubber Hunting At close range and good clean shots buck shot could seal the deal but what is best. Back in the day when quot deer hunting quot in East Texas was primarily dog hunting a shotgun and buckshot were quot the quot weapon of choice for almost everyone. I wouldn 39 t hesitate to take a 40 yard shot. I use buckshot because I still hunt and usually shoot at moving deer. and my pattern 60 yds. The head of most animals including deer is one of the parts that move instantaneously without warning making aiming it difficult. Call 1 800 392 1111 to report poaching and arson. Aug 08 2014 I tested these two buckshot loads for deer hunting with my Mossberg 835. more about buckshot adding that I should not dismiss buckshot deer hunters as nbsp 9 Jan 2020 When I first started deer hunting I was using a borrowed Stevens pump My best piece of advice for people wanting to try buckshot in the field nbsp 20 Sep 2017 That 39 s simple if you can clearly see a Deer 39 s eye its in buckshot range. Make sure you follow The Big Game Hunting Blog on Facebook Instagram Twitter and YouTube. 00 buck or double aught buckshot commonly mistaken as double ought buck is probably the most famous type of shotgun ammo of all time. I guess it would be hard to tell if someone is out trying to walk up a rabbit or if they were coyote hunting if they made the law to say that one method is legal and Buckshot Hunting Club. The pattern must be carefully measured and it is important to remember that buckshot generally travels and hits in pairs. Even people unfamiliar with firearms know of it from movies and television. Choose buckshot loads in sizes 4 through 000 from Remington Winchester Federal Lightfield and others. It can be hard after a long deer hunting season but less than ideal weather is the right day to plan a still hunt for late season bucks. I personally shoot a BAR 30 06 with open sights for my dog gun if I m not shooting a 44 mag. I say its better to spray 3 4 pellets through the lungs than nbsp 10 Apr 2008 Shooting buckshot at to far of range in areas where a slug would be a way better choice. best buckshot for deer Bostwick harvested a deer of a lifetime a deer her father cousins determined to be a rare deer a cactus buck. 410 Nov 24 2008 For the most part buckshot is about the last thing I would use on deer. Refer to the Deer Hunting regulations in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations 321 CMR 3. of chili and some really good desert we drew stands for the next hunt. Jul 07 2010 This is a video response to the challenge posted by quot willwood487 quot . com Muzzleloader Pros amp Cons for Hunting Deer. 5 arena. I plan on doing a midday corn stalk with my Mossberg 500 this week. This ammo type as the name implies is for hunting deer and large game. I used standard foster slugs and made kills out to 100 yds. i never used a smaller gauge. You can shoot slugs with a full choke in your 20ga as it is printed on the box of my Remington 20ga. Remington shoots good too. I figure once all this antifa and blm stuff got started folks decided to buy a shotgun and 2 3 boxes of buckshot and the supply has dwindled to where it is now. Today s 20 gauge slug is an efficient and powerful deer hunting tool. This is why we use buckshot while hunting larger animals especially whitetail deer. 31 through Nov. My other favorite load is 2 3 4 quot 1 buck. 32 or . Lee sells 00 buckshot molds and they cast great buck shot for those interested in great deer or self defense loads. I also use that choke for turkey hunting. All of the deer that I shot using 00 buckshot went down in short order with both 16 gauge and 12 gauge. The drawback is range if you see a deer cross a forest road 100 yards off easy with a rifle but too long for buck shot. The only shotgun I was able to own for years was a Rem. got progresivly better. And it 39 s legal to hunt deer with any center fire nbsp 16 Aug 2009 Re OT Maybe Buckshot illegal for hunting deer in NY I hunt in an area were its buckshot only. Best 22LR Ammo For Hunting Plinking Target Shooting amp More 224 Valkyrie Should You Buy One 338 Federal vs 308 Winchester vs 358 Winchester What You Need To Know Best . 4 Buck Deer hunting is usually with shotgun slugs. Shotguns can use either buckshot or slugs for bringing down large The H amp R Pardner Pump Twelve Gauge Shotgun The Best Priced Rifled Barrel nbsp 27 Oct 2017 You need the right ammo in order to get the best from a smoothbore barrel. I personally believe buckshot is accurate and deadly at a maximum range of 50 yards. First off the shooter may want his buckshot to hold a tight pattern or to scatter widely at short range. It is true that buckshot used on a deer out of range has a higher probability of wounding a deer than a rifle bullet but that is the shooters fault not the rounds. If you 39 re not ready buddy up with an experienced hunter this Fall or just go out unloaded to get used to spending hours quietly in a tree. 410 slugs for whitetail deer hunting. Aug 15 2015 None of your choices are Deer shotguns. 5263 Cell 828. I missed with the first shot and it jammed with the empty in the chamber. 300 Win Mag Ammo For Hunting Elk Deer amp Other Big Game Best . Here are what I thought to be the 10 best new deer hunting rounds cartridges and shells for 2019. Military lands are some of the best managed public lands available thanks to the federal Sikes Act of 1960. Have you ever wondered which ammunition is best for home defense purposes Watch Jeremy Stafford explain the difference in impact between slugs birdshot and buckshot while he dispels common myths about each and highlights the best option for home defense. 5 Creedmoor. Photo by Aundrea Humphreys. 38 caliber with a cartridge case length of no less than 1. Just a couple of threads below this one is a thread about penetration. Feb 19 2016 Buckshot for deer hunting I came across a 1983 browning auto 5 12ga with a 26 quot fixed modified choke barrel in good condition a few weeks ago while visiting a local pawn shop at a deal I couldn 39 t pass up. Also include the length of the shot. I have a variety of chokes and maybe shooting at 60 yards What would be the best choke. I hunt with lead buckshot in New Hampshire and I 39 m wondering if there is a non lead buckshot available. Aug 02 2007 May want to concider a 16ga or even a 20ga. CUSTOMIZABLE HUNTING PLAQUE Deer Trophy Antlers Gift For A Hunter Doe Buck Hunt Buck Shot Man Cave Father 39 s Day Rifle Shotgun Outdoorsman CarvedGunCreations From shop CarvedGunCreations Sep 22 2018 Find all of our products online at www. Aug 18 2020 Sure you could use buckshot loads for deer and medium game hunting but I highly recommend sticking to standard shotgun shells. A deer s brain is approximately three inches which mean that the chances of hitting it are extremely low. I gotta tell you it is not a good choice for deer I nbsp . Your son should aim for the front shoulder where the pellets will have the chance to hit the deer 39 s vitals. Usually holding about eight . The smaller buckshot pellets are normally used for hunting varmints like coyotes while the larger sizes are better suited for deer. Buckshot Run is a 4th and 5th generation family farm. Aug 04 2020 Best choke for buckshot will vary between different guns and chokes. To get an idea of what you can expect with our product take a look at a few patterns here. Jan 16 2011 The goal is to kill the deer quickly and efficiently not make him suffer for hours or get away and die of infection. 75 inches and no longer than 12. Yardage does work against buckshot it releases most of it 39 s useable energy at relatively close ranges when compared to centerfire rifle projectiles. In any size buckshot loads are best used at short ranges. all we could really use was the ole scatter guns. Filmed using a Kodak Playsport mounted to my nbsp To a certain extent this is good because it gives the hunter a little room for error For that reason buckshot is very popular among hunters pursuing deer with nbsp 5 Aug 2011 I leave buckshot to home defense. Shotshell loads for bird hunting have a much bigger market and therefore buckshot development lags behind. Nov 28 2013 Best buckshot choke for stoeger 3500. Good food good friends and good hunts. com team s 8 ball buffered buckshot. Federal Premium with Flite Control Wad 00 buck only 9 and 12 pellet loads. Just about any buckshot will go through the hide and into the lungs as well as going through the hide at the throat to hit the vertebrae. Aug 26 2020 Good deer hunting can be found in many parts of West Virginia but the best whitetail producing counties share a common set of characteristics plenty of deer enough size to make harvest Nov 05 2013 Buckshot is illegal for deer hunting in Indiana. See more ideas about Cooking Cooking recipes Camp cooking. 2shot I agree that slugs are probably better overall but with buckshot you can miss 39 em and still hit 39 em. 24 quot nor larger than 000 0. Most of us were taught to put a bullet in the quot boiler room quot the heart and lungs. I have probably killed 15 or 20 deer with shotguns mostly an old single shot that shoots 4 buck perfectly. My dad shot a deer at 80 yards last year using his Model 37 16 gauge and a factory winchester 1 buck. winchesterguns. note that despite the fire vegetation is recovering well and should still provide hunting opportunities through the 2019 2020 hunting season. Hunt on 4 000 acres of private Nebraska hunting grounds. Scott Hove 39 s massive 181 inch bruiser taken in 2011 was the largest ever taken on trail camera. best buckshot for deer hunting