357 mag vs 44 mag gel test

357 mag vs 44 mag gel test Please note the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer bullet weight or Dec 24 2019 The gun used for testing is the now discontinued Smith amp Wesson Alaska Backpacker IV chambered in. Aug 31 2009 Yes I think a . e. Now with the introduction of the Henry you can do that with the . Very good condition with slight wear spots near muzzle and on cylinder. 357 magnum. Jan 03 2011 It is while firing a number of rounds of magnum ammo as in these velocity and accuracy tests that a person quickly comes to appreciate the recoil dampening effects of the Tracker 39 s rubber stocks and barrel porting. Updated May 17 2004 In 2003 Buffalo Bore announced their development of a new 180 penetrator load for the . projectiles can be producing 350 Legend bullets in just a matter of hours. Home gt Speed Loading gt . 45x39 7mm 3 Sep 2018 . Remember that 10mm has lower sectional density. They do make it in 357 also for them that carry more than they shoot. 357 Magnum round averages out to 530 ft lb while a . 45 Colt is thicker than . Shot from Ruger Security Six with 4. bullet is initially 0. 357 Magnum ammo rounds. 44 mag that it s hard to reconcile few if any new guns are chambered for . It was introduced as a high velocity replacement for the 45 ACP in 1911 pistols. 44 Mag nbsp 44 Magnum ballistic gelatin test results ammo selection guide and slow motion videos. 45ACP. Terminal effectiveness from 7 quot AR 5. 41 Magnum ammunition is the most underrated and unappreciated of all magnum handgun cartridges. 45 Today on Kentucky Ballistics we shoot some ballistics gel with our Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver and our Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Magnum Revolver I thought it would be interesting to compare the 44 Magnum to the 500 Magnum. Jul 20 2015 Gentlemen and Ladies what do you think would be the best all round 44 Mag 240gr ammo from the following choices for all uses in a 4 quot 6. 44 special is better for 2 legs but the same size gun will only hold 6 rounds. Mar 30 2018 Rev unlike the . Also this caliber is better for longer range than a . Jul 30 2019 This particular rifle also comes in . 50AE and I was planning on doing a pistol course but felt the . 1 g bullet at a muzzle velociy of 1 450 feet per second 440 m s out of a 4 in 102 mm barrel which is generally identical to the velocity achieved by standard factory 125 grains 8. 41 mag vs. 44 mag 240 gr JSP amp . The numbers 3 5 7 alone are synonymous with power. 357 Magnum is the most effective fight stopper. 30 30 Vs 357 Magnum Guns and Mass Murder in U. In long barreled revolvers it can be effective as a hunting round and a self defense load. 357 Magnum can only hold up to five rounds in the cylinder but small frame revolvers chambered for the . 2 times that same speed. Any of the hollowpoints are going to have an optimal velocity in order to get maximum nbsp see also . Another good thing about the . 5 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed while . Of course if that s you criteria buy 9mm. com labs revolver ballistics test 357mag anyway so the hunting aspect of the . Thats all. That should be close to your target for a 4 quot barrel. I really expected this bullet to expand. 357 snake shot from carbine quot Optimized Brown Tip quot gel test video by SMG Lee. 44 Mag that didn 39 t penetrate the skull on the other side. 357 Magnum ammunition and shot them into denim covered gel from two different length barrels a 4. Primers 40 Deflected Bullets and the Box O 39 Truth 41 The Taurus Judge Vs. The 357 mag is now available for purchase This will be an awesome day pack or something to use for lighter loads. 40 S amp W middot 10mm . xtm Acknowledgements. If the same person shooting the . I love my . 357 Mag 140gr ftx gel test Hornady Leverevolution Model 13 S amp W Smith amp Wesson Mar 21 2012 I was talking strictly about 240gr Hydra Shocks in a 4 inch barrel vs 200gr Underwoods out of a G20. 44 Magnum lack of reliability kills any joy you might get from this range toy. People might debate 9mm vs. 41 started life as a magnum cartridge with a true bullet diameter of . 41 Mag. For 2013 Ruger unveiled the LCR 22MAG a six shot revolver chambered for. Mar 09 2015 Next up is the K frame. 45 ACP more tissue is crushed resulting in a larger permanent cavity. A Taurus Curve served as the test platform for the 380 ACP. It is widely available everywhere that ammunition is sold May 12 2020 The trouble with . 45 ACP but no one argues the power versatility and ability of the mighty . Sep 10 2020 The . Today we re looking at how the results from our recent . Test barrel length 4 in 102 mm vented and 6 in buffalo bore Source s Federal Buffalo Bore . 357 mag 140gr FTX Leverevolution revolver gel test Posted June 6 2018 in Ammunition Defense Revolver TFBTV by Andrew with No Comments Tags . 44 Magnum and . 32 H amp R Magnum and . with considerably less powder. 45 Colt . DPX Cor Bon 170 gr. 44 Special. The XPB 39 s should also be a good . 6 728 626 nbsp 17 Mar 2017 Pistolet Desert Eagle MK I amp MK VII test de p n tration . 44 work well as hunting cartridges but both have their issues. 357 vs. 45x39 7mm Oct 13 2017 Look both the . 357 or . Many pair their . The 44 Magnum was the worlds most powerful handgun at one time. JSP Speer 115 gr. 38 special it is one of the most popular handgun calibers in the world. But it seems like a good compromise between the 44 mag and the 357 mag. 44 magnum round from a short barreled revolver I recommend that you give it a try nbsp 3 Jan 2012 The 44 spl offers big bore performance without the flash and concussion of the 357 mag. 6 times the unfired bullet diameter or 0. 18 Dec 2018 The . 6 Rifles Available to Match More balls more fun If this is gonna be for concealed carry I would do something smaller. 44 revolver to pair with a . 357 it does have velocity. 44 but I have with 9mm vs. My advice would be to stick with the . 357 magnum ammunition in gel check out Double Tap Ammo. 44 mag situation. 45 Colt Long is an interesting round Mr Keith had many loads and accounts using the Long leading up to the . HODGDON LONGSHOT POWDER And Powder Coated Cast Lee Bullets in 357 MAGNUM accuracy testing Next up Arsenal Keith Bullet. Hornady extended the LeverEvolution technology into the . 357 and . This means it hits a target harder makes a wider wound cavity and all things equal will penetrate as deep or deeper than Keith s first magnum. And remember to also check . 38 cartridges actually use . They all have worked but none as consistently as the 240 grain in the 44 for all types of shots and under all conditions. Having said that if you haven 39 t fired a full strength . . A . 44 Mag ballistic gel is to look at the sectional density of the bullets for each cartridge. 22 Mag . 357 Mag Results in fps. 9mm vs. Both however can deliver blazing velocities. It is the perfect 38 size holster gun. Federal American Eagle 158gr JSP. For every . 357 Magnum was developed for use in long barreled revolvers where speed is easily obtained. I 39 ll check out buffalo bore again for a chart or something. I would rather 16 rounds of hot 10mm auto Underwood 180 grain XTP at 1 300 FPS than 6 rounds of . intended to provide the power of a . 357 mag vs . A. 327 Federal Magnum revolver cartridges are a different matter. Platinum Tip Cor Bon 180 gr. 44 Magnum hand loads at the extreme end it gets even better. 32 S amp W Long. 22 LR rimfires or go straight to the . 44 all Doug Gilmer writes via Ammoland. 327 Federal Magnum vs . Sep 3 2018. 357 Magnum has long since surrendered the title of world s most powerful handgun round to the likes of the . The Test Guns and Ammunition. 240 grain Hornady SXT Factory load 1355 fps 978 ft lbs. 12 Jun 2018 In this episode Paul Harrell is responding to viewer requests by comparing the 357 S amp W Magnum with the 44 Remington Magnum. Nov 03 2011 . Dec 23 2008 In my Lyman 49th Ed 39 n manual I compared a 180 JHP in a . So to combat this they took the 10 mm cartridge which debuted a few years earlier necked down the casing to accommodate a 9mm projectile and stuffed a 125 grain bullet in it. Both were designed for semi automatic handguns both use a projectile that has a diameter of 355 1000 of an inch and with modern bullet designs i. 38 Special ammunition. Aug 25 2014 1 . 44 SPL and Henry Big Boy 45 Colt. Running at standard pressure it is advertised as launching a hard cast 180 grain SWC at 1400 ft sec out of a revolver. 44 Special Magnum but Remington choose just . is a lengthened and strengthened . I also don 39 t think the 10mm is the end all be all pistol cartridge answer to every question. W. I haven 39 t done studies with . 357 Magnum 158gr JSP versus Ballistic Gelatin cast or copper plated bullets online from literally hundreds of big and small manufacturers check out Berrys Plated Bullets for an example. 357 mag but I 39 d carry whatever gun I could score good hits as fast as possible. Nov 14 2017 The 357 magnum is a handgun cartridge that refuses to fade away. Few cartridges are as universally recognized and respected as the . See full list on guns. 327 Federal Mag. Basically it did Aug 19 2020 If so check out our reviews of the Best 357 Magnum Revolvers our Best Scopes for 338 Lapua Magnum review and the Best 300 Win Mag Scope on the market 2020. 44 Remington Magnum the . Now the . For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction that is one of the physical laws of our universe. Nov 02 2019 There is no specific difference in 357 Magnum vs. 45 ACP 39 08 . In front of the gelatin testing material we placed a standard four layer cloth barrier. 125 barrel. May 15 2013 . 357 Magnum cartridges cartridge and it is a heck of a load in handguns We shot the bullets into ballistic gel to check. 40S amp W reminds me a lot of . Aug 23 2018 . The variety of . In addition He 39 s got tests of full power 10mm vs. There is also more leeway in the revolver cartridge to use bullets with an open nose. 9 gr of H 110 powder produces 947 fps a max powder charge 14. The LCR offers proven Ruger revolver features blended with innovative modular design and mixed materials manufacturing. It will be after the snow leaves and temps climb. 357 mag 158gr SJHP ammunition from a Smith amp Wesson Model 13L with a 4 barrel into Clearballistics ballistic gel to measure velocity penetration expansion fragmentation and retained weight. TylerDurden New Mar 04 2020 While not the perfect medium Clear Ballistics synthetic gelatin can give us a relative idea of how ammo will perform. 357 Magnum was the result of Keith 39 s desire to improve the power of https www. 357 revolver to pair with a . When is the last time you shot . 357 Magnum both cartridges are winners hands down. quot Follow up shots quot have nothing to do with quot one shot stopping With the . So what do you think will the . 357 Mag to a 180 gr JHP in a . Patton carried one. Blued finish wood grips. 50AE is a bit to powerful to fire 300 rounds in one session. If I could hit 3 COM shots with the . 357 magnum is easier for more people to handle and thus gets used in more shootings AND with better accuracy. Aug 23 2016 For another review I had a pair of . com The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare . 45 ACP vs. Keith had suggested the round be called the . 357 Sig vs 10mm vs 5. What it is in fact is a mid range 357 Magnum cartridge that will fit in a practically sized handgun magazine. Posted on August 7 2014 by Caleb. 357 loads for example both employed 110 grain bullets. Check your owner 39 s manual and or your local gun shop to be sure. 357 projectile I 39 ll see if we can shoot some Barnes . 158 grains in the 357 conjured up an average velocity of 1363 fps and 651 foot pounds of energy while 240 grains in the 44 gave him 1270 fps and 859 foot pounds. I was speaking ONLY about this one scenario. Again this doesn 39 t make the . 44 special real world tests . 25 ACP . 44 Magnum but someone in Michigan would use a Ruger GP100 . 44 Magnum . 44 Magnum lever action carbine OK for for home defense or should I get a pistol in matching caliber 3 Dec 2019 GrumpyOldMan 0 points The problem is not that it over penetrated the gel blocks but rather that you didn 39 t have enough gel blocks. 357 mag ballistic test Remington 180 gr SJHP fired from revolver and carbine Subsonic expanding 300BLK penetration Ballistic test . Enjoy Old November 2 2017 08 44 PM Not cinderblock or gel but living bleeding critters. 357 Magnum The test subjects The Glock 29 Gen 4 in 10mm and the Smith amp Wesson Model 27 with 3. We use the same type of bullet and the same bullet weight for both calibers. Unique for 1145fps in a 6 1 2 quot pre 29. 38 and . 44 Magnum can also fire. In terms of concealability the S amp W J frame and Ruger SP101 firearms are among the most popular in the United States. That s 10 000 psi higher than the . 2k. 41 Magnum. Dec 27 2018 Given my vested interest in 22 Mag I have tested quite a few 22 Mag rifle rounds out of small handguns but these new defense loads Hornady Critical Defense and Speer Gold Dot 45 grain hollow Jun 21 2017 Today on Kentucky Ballistics we shoot 48 inches of 10 ballistics gel with a 44 Magnum and a 454 Casull. With their preferred loads all three proved capable of producing sub 2 inch groups with honors going to the Chiappa for a perfectly centered group measuring just 1 inch in Jan 31 2013 The 125 grain load must be a quot full power quot 357 Magnum loaded to levels achieving 1400 feet per second velocity from a 4 quot barrel. 44 Special case much as the . 44 mag in all applications. 357 Magnum 158 gr Gold Dot Ammo Gel Test Duration See full list on snipercountry. 357 Sig. 357 will but can also do quite a bit more. But one of the really cool things about . 327 Federal Magnum ammo rounds. Is a . Most can 39 t get access to ballistic gelatin. 275 quot 1. All three of them retail for 899. Nov 06 2017 We shoot Remington . Compare all 41 Magnum ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. This cartridge has an average speed of 1427fps making it faster than most every other handgun cartridge including the fast ones like the . 500 S amp W Magnum among Mar 13 2017 The S amp W 686 3 also showed a major drop in velocity with the Magtech 158 gr . Please note the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer bullet weight or jacketing type. 44 magnum. 327 has also been used in full sized revolvers with a capacity of seven rounds or more. 44 Mag I fired from a 629 classic. Oct 27 2017 It looks like the . Frankly I had been expecting more consistent terminal results with the . More so than the . HOWEVER that being said the typical 125grain . 357 magnum revolver models were test fired at 10 Taurus 15 Ruger and 25 Chiappa yards from a MTM K Zone rest with both . 25 ACP. 584 inch. 2 Ruger GP 100 and a 2 Kimber K6s snubbie. 60. Once again we see a lot of overlap in velocity for these two cartridges. 357 Magnum pushes a 125 grain bullet to 1 450 fps from a 4. 357 SIG. 30 Nov 2018 This is great for controlling muzzle flip and perceived recoil but it can wreak havoc on weight. XTP HPs with 11. 357 magnum in a gun designed for a . There was also some up and down going on among the sub 3 inch barrels but to a much lesser degree. If you handload a lot do the propellant cost math. The bullet weights of the . 40 SW. 40 S amp W to . 44 mag HOW MANY MULK JUGS Underwood . using about 5 grains less powder to get about the same velocity as the . 44 Magnum boasts greater bullet weights for deep penetration combined with a wider frontal area as an aid to low velocity killing. 44 is a bit much to control though it is probably a little more deadly. Jul 17 2019 Velocity of 357 Mag vs. 357 caliber bullets the true nbsp 357 magnum history and bullet performance. If you re looking for versatility and a budget savvy round the . And the conclusion is the bullets from 44 Mag weapon can come out with the speed of 1270 fps feet per second while that of the 45 Colt is only 957 fps. 357 Magnum can prove to be a vastly more emphatic killer than some of our more recent low velocity tactical rifle cartridge designs although the latter have superior trajectories. 357 Mag Gel test 4 quot barrel You really shouldnt bother with the 158 gr magnum for personal defense. Get a quality revolver in 357 Mag and buy Grizzly Punch loads bullets machined from brass . When selecting a firearm you need to consider the cost of shooting the cartridges as this can impact how often you use the weapon for target practice. 56mm vs 9mm Gelatin tests . It is a far better big game cartridge then the . Since their inception conventional hollow point pistol bullets have performed well but have never delivered 100 reliability especially in self defense situations. 608 062 views608K views. 44 Mag had to be in then . 38 super round it was not safe considering the drastic rise in power. Starting in the late 1970s and into the early 1980s there was a gradual shift by law enforcement from the 357 to 9mm and finally to the 40 S amp W. The color option images are for color reference only. 357 round. 33K 768. For example someone that lives in Alaska will probably go with a . 357 Magnum is also used in carbines that are better served for hunting purposes. Click here for a Muzzle Energy graph for the tests in this caliber. Jan 31 2015 The Mighty . 44 mag dans des t les de 1 mm Canon 6 pouces cible 4 m de la bouche du nbsp 31 May 2018 . shoots flatter than the . 44 Mag rounds usually provide more penetrating power compared to the 357 Mag rounds. 357 Mag. 45 all of which used bullets lighter than customary. Jun 7 2020 7 M. Unloaded it weighs almost 45 ounces nbsp Ballistic gelatin is good as far as it goes but there 39 s nothing like seeing what a bullet actually does once it strikes bone flesh and organs. 357 Magnum. 357 Magnum loads out of a 4 in 102 mm revolver barrel. Wesson who was vice president of the company and along with Phil Sharpe developed the cartridge and the revolver went all over the country slaying everything from deer and antelope to moose and Jun 05 2008 The . Generally speaking the longer the barrel the greater velocity a round will have. No. 44 debate is a moot point for me. 50AE but not worth tolerating in . He refers to it as a quot Midrange . 380 ACP 39 10 . 454 Casull bullets travel 1. Well the 357 Mag and 44 Mag will do just fine and you can already find a 44 mag in Ruger rifle. Despite nbsp 11 Sep 2019 Let 39 s compare the 357 magnum vs 10mm with a look at ballistics capacity and The . 44 mag from a carbine and 10mm 135 gr cast 357 Mag Carbine Gel Test Oct 15 2019 Rifle is Remlin 1894c 357 Magnum Carbine with 18 quot barrel. . as the Goldilocks of hunting revolver cartridges just right. 44 mag would do what the Long was able to do. 357 magnum revolver While there are many ways of interpreting the question I will take the path of least resistance and assume that the OP is asking about the . 22 . Compare all 44 Special ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. 357 mag coming It looks just like the 44 mag and 22 mag layout. 44 mag. 1 Barrel length matters with respect to . 38 Special middot 9mm Makarov middot 9mm Luger middot 9mm Ultra . In this article I will be comparing two kinds of similar but very different handgun calibers the 9 19 Parabellum and the . 7 of an inch or more when fired through a barrier into gel. 44 Mag in the same barrel length that is comparable. Nov 09 2013 I have used handguns in 41 mag 44 mag 45 Colt and the 38 Special with a 200 grain RN and shot a deer at 5 feet w S amp W Model 60 to take deer. 44 Mag. 44 Magnum Rossi rifle utilizing basic 240 grain factory loads. 44 magnum offers more knockdown power than . Jun 06 2018 Hornady . 357 amp . 45acp Is the . Meaning there is simply no tolerance for parts that do not perform as if someone 39 s life depends on them. My next test will be the same items with hand loaded 158 XTP 39 s. Apr 06 2008 Great to shoot. 45acp rounds before wearing my wrist out than . 357 Magnum The 357 Magnum offers superior energy and velocity with heavy bullets at the expense of greater recoil. version was added followed by an eight shot . Please note the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer bullet weight There are a LOT of 10mm tests and a few . Photo by Michael Anschuetz. However my finding is that the . 045 smaller in diameter than a 9 mm or . L. 357 but I also feel like it 39 s so much faster that it could just go right through whereas the . As for my favorite whitetail . Its like the magnum guys all shoot . 44 Magnum technically the . One is the most popular revolver cartridge in the land dealing double duties as both a premier personal defense and hunting round That is to say . 9mm round. If you 39 re hunting deer and larger sized animals the heavier 158 grain factory loads are the ones to get. 357 . Furthermore the muzzle energy of a . 44 Special by lengthening the case by . 45 caliber pistol or a . 40 S amp W bullets travel 1. 357 Mag 125 gr FTX Critical Defense Item 90500 25 Box US Patent 8 161 885 8 413 587 7 380 502 Concealed Carry Reliability. the . Close. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare . My problem is that while I do have a . Oct 03 2018 9mm vs . 327 Magnum was first designed just a few years ago back in 2006 2007. Posted on October 20 2014 by Caleb. Jun 12 2018 This indicates what we already knew The 44 magnum is much more powerful than the 357 magnum. We 39 d like to personally and specifically thank Pat Childs at Fin amp Feather in Iowa City as he not only helped get most of our ammunition and other supplies he was the brilliant gunsmith who worked with us to make this insane project much more practical. The first factory loadings released included a 210gr JSP moving at 1 350 fps from a 6 revolver and a 210gr LSWC law enforcement duty load moving right along at 1 000 fps. 32 ACP . 355 . The . My Ruger LCR in 22 Magnum is light weight revolver that definitely promises a no recoil solution to a defensive handgun. For these tests we used a S amp W 640 with a 2. course of action to remedy penetration issues was to step up to the . 357 mag carbines is that they squeeze a lot of additional velocity out of the cartridge and can make something really special out of an otherwise mediocre load. Energy. I 39 d like to see Federal 140gr Vital Shok and R P 165gr Core Lokt Golden Sabre technology tested if possible. 8 times that same speed. 44 v . 357 Magnum vs. Elmer Keith had a huge part in the development of the . 95. 357 Magnum or other similar caliber load a well placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a nbsp 20 Aug 2019 been making 9 mm Luger or . 44 magnum in terms of energy. 357 or . Testing the Liberty tests shooting the Desert Eagle . Silvertip Winchester 240 gr. 410 . My test pistol a 5 inch barreled S amp W Model 629 Classic holds six . 7 K 626. Finally Remington teamed with Smith amp Wesson to bring out a lengthened and strengthened . 44 is slower and makes larger holes. 25 and . case and a revolver to shoot the new cartridge. Hence why the . 327 Federal Magnum can hold up to six rounds which translates to a 20 The . Jul 06 2017 With . 357 has dropped I suppose the next logical topic should be bullets hollowpoints vs hardball vs other types. 45 Colt. Dec 17 2018 The magazine holds 10 9 and 8 rounds of . 357 mag but the cost of ammo is not much different and I have to buy a new bolt. 5 gr gives 1101 fps. 416 Rigby as well as a suicide to the head with a . 38 Special s so the . 380 9mm and . The 44 Magnum was the world 39 s most powerful handgun at one time. 357 Magnum bullets travel 1. 454 Casull and the . It might be a couple ounces heavier but it is comparable. 44 The bullet is generally fired into a ballistic gel which is said to mimic the human flesh or the target. 357 was used with . I could opt for a . 357 rounds any weak. I thought it would be fun to see the differences between the old champ and the 500 Magnum which is now Oct 01 2018 Elmer Keith s . 357 Magnum 158 grain SJSP ballistic gel test. fired from the snub nosed revolver can be an effective choice for self Dec 18 2018 As for . jacketed hollow points JHPs and jacketed soft points JSPs both can be great man We fired five rounds of this Winchester Ammunition 357 Magnum ammo through a cloth barrier into Clear Ballistics calibrated synthetic gelatin and recorded the results. 357 magnum 125 gr Gold Dot HP load over my Oehler 35 with these results Smith amp Wesson 686 4 quot 1 611 fps Ruger Security Six 6 quot 1 733 fps Aug 12 2014 44 Magnum Clear Ballistics Gel test 08 03 2014 08 04 PM 2. 357 magnum Myth Busted Handguns General Handgun Forum. Penetrated over 16 inches expanded to 0. 4 Apr 25 2019 Our 357 magnum test results were obtained using a Smith amp Wesson 640 J Frame revolver with a 2. 7x28mm vs Ballistic Gel MP5 vs Soda Full Auto Friday 44 Magnum vs 454 Casull vs 500 S amp W Magnum vs Pine Boards Xtreme Penetrators Aug 07 2014 American Eagle . 357 can be on the light side for some hunters and the recoil of the . 357 SIG accomplishes this with a 125 grains 8. 357 mag rifles seems to be . 44 Special . com The 357 mag round went completely through the 15 quot of clay and stopped at the boundary between the two boxes leaving a dent in the second box but not entering it. Suffice I 39 ve seen a guy killed by a . The Box O 39 Truth 42 Precision Shooting With Buckshot 43 Buckshot in a Rifled Shotgun Barrel 44 Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot 45 Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot Part Two 46 Shotgun Slugs Sabots and Jul 25 2013 In June 2010 a . JHPs from a nbsp 20 Nov 2019 The welds broke firing 303 British cast lead but I am certain the 44 Mag loosened them up quite a bit. Gold Dot Ruger SP 101 3. 357 mag velocity it still failed. Even though the 357 magnum was phased out by law enforcement over 30 years ago the cartridge has a Jan 28 2014 What it actually did was blow a hole through the gelatin and the bullet catch box behind that. Share. Dec 10 2009 The . 2 Nov 2019 44 Magnum is an article discussing and comparing both the Generally there is a debate between 357 Magnum vs. com The . 380 ACP Lehigh XP Xtreme Penetrator test in ballistic gel 2 Nov 2017 9mm vs. JHP Speer . Some only test hollowpoint 39 s in relation to human penetration. Buchanan. 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum. See full list on luckygunner. 1 545 328 views1. Jan 03 2011 Comparing 240 and 245 grain cast bullets comes up about the same with the . 38 Spec. Overall Although the accuracy is great the . 357 Maximum Ball powders have been implicated in contributing to top strap cutting and forcing cone erosion especially W296 H110 . 357 Sig . Oct 20 2014 Hornady Critical Defense . 44 Magnum when it comes to the trajectory in the 50 yards mark. or . 45 Brian Pearce is loading . 357 vs . 38 Caliber gt T8 357 38 Accessories gt The main image is the product you are ordering. 357 may be just as fine round for round but i f I can carry a 4 inch or 5 1 2 inch . I thought about the . Various calibers. 44 Remington Magnum based directly off the . Excellent Revolver cartridges have been overlooked since everyone is carrying a semi auto these days. 0 inch barrels respectively. 357 Magnum ballistic gel test. You wouldn 39 t nbsp 28 Apr 2015 As you increase bullet size and mass from 9 mm 357 Sig to . 23 Jan 2010 For every . I watched a Youtube comparing the two by shooting into ballistic gel and the 44 was almost twice the penetration of the 357. So we have a range of 947 1101 fps for this . 44 magnum avg fps 1317 . barrel length Federal 180 gr. 44 special blanks in the . 10mm vs. Almost every revolver manufacturer makes a firearm in this chambering. I never thought I d say this about some big boy but Henry s Big Boy is pleasant on the eyes with its brass receiver and accents black octagonal 20 barrel and walnut furniture. Archived TIL that if you shoot a magnum into ballistic gel it will cause it to violently fart. 357 Magnum load even though the same barrel had comparatively high velocities with some of the other loads. 45 ACP. Both of these guns are small framed revolvers that are carried by thousands of citizens for personal protection. 22 WMR does not have the stopping power of a . Hornady 39 s new magnum loads are hot stuff. May 17 2004 Buffalo Bore s Heavy . 327 Mag . 35 39 s and forget the . 44 Magnum and the . A typical 38 Special revolver holds five cartridges in the cylinder while a Ruger SP101 holds six cartridges. What it actually did was blow a hole through the gelatin and the bullet catch box Apr 19 2017 Earlier this week we posted the results of our ballistic gelatin testing for 38 different self defense loads in . A 357 magnum 5 shot revolver that is ideal for concealed carry the Taurus 605 is built to the Taurus Zero Tolerance standard in design fabrication fit and performance. Barnes Exp. Otherwise the 44 Mag can go farther than the 45 Colt as the result of the lighter materials in 44 Mag. 357 Magnum averaged 1. 357 Sig has a lot of devoted fans but just as many shooters seem to have a hard time understanding what makes this cartridge special. Regardless of whose terminal ballistics testing doctrine you subscribe to there appears to be a loose consensus that for pistol ammunition the 125 grain . but its an internal frame . Back to this later many gun experts will test out these cartridges against a gel. 30 carbine most . 357 I d say their different animals for different animals. 357 mag Underwood 125 gr Montana Gold JHP video link 357 mag Underwood 125 gr Montana Gold JHP fired from 4 quot S amp W Model 13 through four layers of denim into calibrated gelatin. There is a chip out of the grips. 44 Magnum with 200gr. 44 mag will do more damage then a . 357 Magnum vs. 357 Sig in a gel test VIDEO Share. 357. The big one is the N frame. Velocity is 1800 FPS with 17 grains of 300MP the usage of this bullet without a stress signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms. 38 44 revolvers were made by using a . 454 Casull round averages out to about 1700 ft lb. Sep 11 2019 10mm Auto vs . 22 Long Rifle version in 2011. 357 mag 125 gr Gold Dot or 10mm 180 gr XTP vs. It is a six shot revolver offering one more round than the 38 Special version. 125 . 357 magnum and it 39 s fun to shoot too but I 39 m debating selling it for another . Some used normal weight bullets but the real performers were the . 357 Magnum vs . 357 by a decent margin are really not that dissimilar. 357 magnum load as I 39 ve used for my example has been touted as an excellent cartridge for self defense and the ballistics tho favoring the . Share Save. Traditionally the . This is unfortunate it is a widely capable handgun cartridge. Nov 21 2019 For comparison the . 0 inch barrel for 583 ft lbs of muzzle energy. 357 Magnum is one of the most historically significant cartridges in the country. Posted by 2 years ago. It was designed for the 44 special but has been chambered in 38 special 357 40 Smith 10mm 41 magnum 44 special 44 magnum 44 40 45 ACP The question being answered is Which is more powerful a . 357 ammo used heavy bullets but in a snubby . 125 inch barrel. 357 magnum in capacity. 357 SIG than the . 135 gr projectiles are too light for 10mm and none of them penetrate adequately. 38 spl and not p. Introduced in 1935 it was used by numerous law enforcement agencies for decades. Jan 25 2012 The Clash of the Cartridges . It 39 s like AR15 39 s nbsp By that standard a good heavy power . May 31 2018. 327 Federal Magnum. Colt Trooper MK III. 38 Special and . With 158 grain loads though you run into all kinds of stuff from light Cowboy Action Shooting loads to target loads all the way up to heavy Buffalo Bore loads that take you nearly into 41 Mag country as far as energy. The Colt would jam and possibly ruin your barrel. 357 Sig ballistic gel test measure up to the alternatives as we consider the pros and cons of this niche caliber. effin BRUTAL on your hands and I 39 m used to shooting . 357 is excellent for 2 legged varmits especially in a 7 or 8 shot version but I worry about . 44 magnum more is better at least in the 4 5 quot range. 380 ACP. Put simply ballistics gelatin is only good for testing how bullets perform in ballistics gelatin. 2 10mm Auto is not even really comparable to . Paul Harrell which many of us are familiar with finally did a test of this myth and the myth is finally busted. Apr 28 2010 The . It carries the Taurus Security System and standard unlimited lifetime repair policy. net Jan 08 2019 Pitting . 44 mag rifles or . 357 Magnum 9mm . The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare 9mm Luger Parabellum vs . The 10mm is a newcomer in the hunting world but has become a big player in the market for bear hunters or anyone needing extra power. 22 Magnum. Notice the . 327 Federal Magnum is as with the H amp R Magnum s advantage over the . I think everyone would agree that a . We also use a 2 inch barrel and a 9 barrel for each caliber so we can see the difference in penetration when using a shorter or longer barrel. Also used in many lever action carbines. 357 magnum casing is only 1 8 an inch longer. As the . Douglass B. 6 inch barrel adjustable rear sight. attractive option is that there are no options in a semi auto that are only a few ounces heavier bigger than a 10mm that does the same thing with more power the way a . luckygunner. 44 Magnum ballistic gelatin test results ammo selection guide and slow motion videos Summary The 44 Remington Magnum cartridge from a 4 barrel revolver is an excellent choice for self defense if the shooter can manage the recoil. In 1954 Remington s first factory loads hurled 240 grain bullets at 1 350 fps effectively doubling the blow of the . 357 Magnum is a smokeless powder cartridge The . 357 like the Ruger SP101 I used the high Handgun Recoil Table By Chuck Hawks. 44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk 4 5 8 quot bbl. 44 Magnum has distinct advantages. 0gr. 380 . 357 Magnum against . Well for a start the . 40 S amp W round averages out to about 420 ft lb. 50 Action Express barrels. Each load was tested with both a 2 and 4 inch barrel fired into Clear Ballistics brand gelatin blocks with a 4 layer heavy fabric barrier to simulate clothing. Thanks to our sponsors Acknowledgements. 44 mag 240 gr SJHP amp . Mar 18 2010 I carry . 357 S amp W Magnum 9 33mmR or simply . 44 Magnum L6 with Underwood 180gr JHP and Underwood Xtreme Penetrators. 357 mag 158 gr XTP. The 44 SPL is only Mar 12 2009 I have no experience with the 41 mag however i can tell you that when it comes to finding ammo almost every place has all kinds of 357mag ammo and you may be hard pressed to find 41 mag ammo. 357 rifle I don t have a . 500 S amp W . 44 Mag Redhawk or something comparable. Jan 23 2017 Unlike the . 0gr Power Pistol will do the same thing. Price includes shipping. 45 ACP and . The Box O 39 Truth 39 Oil Vs. 357 Magnum can be loaded to blow the doors off the Tokarev. BB calibration 607 fps 3. 12. I know that isn 39 t the case. If you could find a steady supply of ammo for it it should work out well. Thinking back to the 1980 39 s I came close to doing the same for the Long but guess I figured the . Jan 26 2014 I have the . I hope Jan 17 2020 Shortcuts. The greatest advantage of the 327 Federal Magnum is the ammunition capacity. 357 Mag considering the optimum powder a min charge 13. In mark3smle test you can see the . I shot 3 with a . The bullet was not recovered. Mar 14 2010 357 MAG Magnum Small Pistol primer 1. 380 ACP 39 08 . 32 Long . 44 Magnum. The 44 mag round did almost exactly the same thing. 357 Magnum were equally skilled at handling both the percentage of quot one shot stops quot would probably be the same. 357 Mag there is a similar . 357 Magnum . Next test was elastic band jacket shirt 4 milk jugs and a soft 357 hand load with FP Berrys just for fun. The relatively minor reliability issues in this niche gun are acceptable in . bullet that s about the thickness of a potato chip. 357 Mag rounds allows the shooter to match his ammunition well with the task at hand. 44 Magnums that preceded it the . 38 Special typical small frame revolvers chambered for the . Mar 06 2009 Re 357 max vs 357 mag Handloading the . Complete 41 Mag ammunition ballistics Chart. Since 1966 30 30 rifle with a telescopic Apr 07 2017 As part of his ongoing clear gel testing of different small arms ammunition for the LuckyGunner ammunition store and its sister blog Chris collected 38 different kinds of . Penetration was better than we expected. 327 Federal achieves its impressive performance by having a very high maximum working pressure of 45 000 psi. When he changes things up to compare the most commonly used bullet weight for each cartridge you can really see the difference. 44 can be a bit too stiff leaving the . The dents are from 9mm the hole is from . 44 Special size gun with the barrel bored to accept . The common . 357 Magnum is a rimmed cartridge suitable for use in revolvers but its design does not allow reliable feeding in a semi automatic pistol. 357 Magnum handguns available for this ammo test a Ruger LCR and a Smith amp Wesson 640. 357 got its zip from a case slightly longer than a . 327 Magnum 380 ACP 9mm Luger 357 Magnum 357 SIG 38 Special 38 Super 40 S amp W 10mm Auto 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 44 Special 45 ACP 45 GAP 45 Colt 454 Casull 460 Magnum 480 Ruger 50 AE 500 Magnum 223 Remington 243 Winchester 270 Winchester 300 Winchester Magnum 300 AAC Blackout 30 30 Winchester 30 06 Springfield 308 Winchester 50 Beowulf 5. 44 SPL. The factory sights are the traditional brass bead front and semi buckhorn ladder rear but my eyes need a little help. So I draw two conclusions from this data. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Vendor Sponsor Join Date Mar 2011 Location Complete 357 magnum ammunition ballistics Chart. vs. 357 penetration at 22 inches. With a proper formulation and good powder technology the 125 to 145 grain loads may be very efficient. They will do what the . Guns in this video Smith amp Wesson Model 13L. Jul 28 2016 The lineup covered all the typical chamberings . I chronographed their . 32 autos. 357 Magnum and a better defensive cartridge Jan 14 2016 Well for a start the . Fun fact any gun chambered for. 44 special or a . 357 Mag loads next gel test. 44 rifle. 41 it is harder to find brass and the selection of bullets is smaller. Jun 08 2016 This reminds me so much of the . DA revolver without doing a bit of defensive speed shooting. Mar 03 2018 Today on Kentucky Ballistics we shoot some ballistics gel with our Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver and our Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Magnum Revolver I thought it would be interesting to compare the 44 Magnum to the 500 Magnum. 357 magnum round out of a lever rifle has more energy at the muzzle than a 44 mag out of a pistol does. 327 Federal Magnum is a cartridge introduced by Federal Premium Ammunition but also sold by Sturm Ruger amp Co. I d expect good expanding bullets to greatly improve the carbine s performance but those weren t an Speer Gold Dot 357 Magnum 158 Grain Clear Gel Test If you have an evil streak in you drop by a gun related forum of your choice and ask if 125 or 158 grain bullets are better for 357 Magnum personal defense loads. The 44 Remington Magnum cartridge from a 4 barrel revolver is an excellent choice for self defense if the shooter can manage the recoil. 357 mag ballistic gelatin test Discussion in 39 Ammunition amp Reloading 39 started by TylerDurden Aug 25 2014. Compare all 357 Magnum ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. 357 Mag . 357 Magnum today is a favorite of handgun connoisseurs with its rich history home defense with its excellent terminal ballistics and hunters as well. When the . Also of interest may be our in depth article on the 7mm Remington Magnum . 357 Ruger 77 357 and Marlin 1894 CSBL and 1 with a . 45 ACP users are mostly EDC personal defense carriers and those that love the big bores. If you shot both the same and can conceal the 44 then go that route. With regard to this face off the . try a 44 mag 240 hp 22 grains of 2400 or 25 grains of power pro 300 mp See ShootingTheBull410 Ammo Quest . Mag. 44 mag be ok for a 300 round gun course without my wrist falling off Feb 05 2018 V Crown has a history of failing to expand when fired through heavy clothing and even at . 44 I 39 d trust the . 32 ACP 9mm Makarov. Handgun ballistics tables show bullet weights of 180 210 240 275 and 300 grains for the . 357 Sig vs. In fact it has almost as much energy at 100 yards as a 44 mag does at the muzzle out of a pistol. 7 Feb 2018. 357 Mag revolver I can pretty much just as easily carry a . 5M views. 8 shot Smith is to a 44mag. 357 magnum are serious defense calibers. 44 Special though less powerful than the . 357 magnum edges out the 10mm for power but the 10mm handily beats the . It has a 1 7 8 inch barrel typical snubby revolver length. Jun 08 2020 There is a test to compare the velocity of these two different bullets. 41 Rem. Various products will bring different numbers for speed but it appears the overall range of speed is higher for the . 44 Magnum gained its edge on the . Of course I can 39 t be expected to test a . Downgrading to . 357 Magnum with a wider heavier bullet. coming this month Reactions JollyRoger. Hydra Shok American Eagle 100 gr. Backordered expected availability 03 26 2010 Basically a lengthened version of the . With the increasing use of semi autos the prevalence of revolver rounds such as the . 357 Magnum and . 77 and 4. Aug 11 2017 While the . 357 Magnum A joint conspiracy of Miles Fortis amp A K Church. 45 Colt LC Long Colt ammo rounds. Its simply a ballistic test medium which is thought to offer the same resistance to a bullet as would muscle tissue. 38 . Comes with original box including the factory test target dated 11 1 72. 357 Magnum in six shot compact revolvers whose cylinders would otherwise only hold 5 rounds. Oct 10 2018 9mm vs . 357 the 9mm and the . 40. You read quot point four four quot and think amp quot Ah ha Jun 01 2018 . Apr 03 2019 There have been three major iterations of the Desert Eagle the Mark I in . 357 magnum avg fps 1294 and even the 367 sig avg fps 1379 . R. 357 Mag is a much smaller diameter bullet than its . When standard factory ammo is considered the . 44 Magnum in 1983 the Mark VII in 1989 with slight redesigns and the current Mark XIX developed in the 1990s to allow users to switch between . I am curious about the FBI load though over the 135 GD in snubs From the 25 ACP to the forty four magnum and 28 gauge to 12 gauge UNIVERSAL gunpowder offers high quality performance. 38 Super is most easily thought of an as elongated 9mm Luger case though the 38 Super was originally based on the 38 Auto cartridge. I have a . Vital Shok Winchester 175 gr. com Oct 26 2013 Gel test . 357 caliber bullets. 0 quot barrel length. GET YOUR CLOTHING HERE https kentuckyballistics. 357 Mag rounds but I really loved the . A fair comparison might be 10mm 165 gr Gold Dot vs. 44 Magnum load quot . Through out the early 1930s Keith Sharpe and Wesson experimented with several load sizes and projectiles. Feb 10 2018 10mm Auto vs. 33 282 768 nbsp 25 Jul 2018 The . The specs are on the website and you can check those out on Kifaru. 44 Special GP100 and a 5 pin set up for the new 8 shot snubnose Redhawk . Accuracy Jul 17 2019 Velocity of 357 Mag vs. 44 mag Drywall Test. 22 WMR and hyper velocity . 357 revolver but that isn t a The . I shot the 3 32 inch steel plate below with both at 11 yards. Muzzle blast is also a drawback. While both of the chamberings have their dedicated fan base Kentucky Ballistics sends the debate to the gel to see how they stack up. 357 Magnum every load exited the block so the average was actually 16 inches. In . also uses lighter 38 RBCD Ammo Vs. 45acp was more of a gentle shove and seemed to shoot high though that was probably down to me. 44 Remington Magnum but I won 39 t quibble on that point at all is misnamed. I imagine that I could have shot more . All loads are tested in an 8 vented test barrel. 7x28mm vs Ballistic Gel MP5 vs Soda Full Auto Friday 44 Magnum vs 454 Casull vs 500 S amp W Magnum vs Pine Boards Xtreme Penetrators The 9mm vs. 357 Magnum 357 SIG 38 Special 38 Super 40 S amp W 10mm Auto The Mag Spring Experiment If you want to try some hot . Mar 15 2016 So during film shots at any distance at all not showing the cylinder front a Model 27 . ballistic gel. 41 mag it s less punishing to shoot gives results so close to . 44 mag overpenetrating. 32 H amp R Magnum. 357 Magnum ammo is NOT round nose full metal jacket. Keep in mind that the length of your firearm barrel can have an effect on the velocity of a fired bullet. Buy it at Ventura Munitions. Well Mr. Both my CMMG and Ruger test guns had 16 quot barrels while the XPR has a 20 quot tube and my own chronograph Deer Season XP projectile tunneled 17 quot into the gel completely penetrating the first block and coming to rest about an inch into the second. We set up and fired some of the 40 grain FN V Max loads into gel with the Ruger 57 from 10 feet away. The Model 66 has adjustable target sights and a seven shot cylinder. As you might guess all items were penetrated as well as the backstop and the bullet kicked up the dirt behind. 40 S amp W vs. 357 Magnums have comfortable rubber grips and deep lustrous finishes. 44 Magnum rounds. Original . That is to say . 10mm Price. 357 mag. Since the very beginning of the series on pocket pistols that we started running on the Lounge as well as YouTube in late 2018 I have promising to add some of the smaller handgun calibers to our ballistic gelatin test project. a . 357 more reliable manstopper or the . 44 rilfe with my . While still maintaining a healthy following it is widely overlooked. As for expansion the . 45 Colt handload in the right gun should work fine and has. 357 Magnum. I am not saying a 10mm is as powerful as a . 357 mag outta a scadium frame S amp W compact. 44 Special handloads presaged an even more potent round. 38 Spec blanks and if the . If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. That one is a 38. real world weapons Federal 85 gr. 357 in the same time I could score 1 COM shot with the 44 I 39 m going to carry the . 44 Magnum vs Ballistic Gel. It 39 s a battle of two powerhouses but who will win Both the 10mm and the . 41 Mag . Jan 09 2017 For the revolvers we had dual runs on bowling pins a 3 pin array for the 5 shot . 6. We witnessed 30 of the loads tested expand . Sep 06 2018 44 Magnum vs 500 S amp W Magnum Ballistics Gel Duration . 44 does vs. Both of them have been popular among people who need it for self defense and we can see the reason. 1 g . 41 delivers 25 percent more energy than the . On the other hand the . While some put more importance on it than others price per round is an essential consideration for any gun owner. Six shot 38 special. 357 mag 125 gr JHP . 0625 quot barrel 1385 1422 1356 Bond Derringer Let s move onto the cartridge itself yes its not a . 45 Auto vs 10mm Liberty Ammunition Short Barrel Ballistics Gel Test. 5 quot and use in a 44 Mag rifle as well Winchester 240gr SP Remington 240 SJHP or SP Federal 240 HP or SP Hornady 240 XTP One of my long time shooting buddies uses the 44 Mag for all of his handgun needs. was introduced in 1935 it rocked the world. It was soon discovered that though you could chamber a . 44 Marlin 1894 . S. 357 magnum has a long track record of a mini hand cannon for personal defense. 327 Federal Magnum respectively and the rifle will reliably cycle chamber and fire all three. 285 quot O. revolver with a like chambered lever gun. com Today on Kentucky Ballistics we perform a ballistic gel test with 357 Sig and 357 Magnum. 44 Special or . 357 Magnum is the way to go. They seemed like a very good match for the Critical Defense ammunition in this ammo review. It was the most powerful handgun in the world with factory ammunition. 327 Federal Magnum Project Overview. It is not as handicapped by Penetration for two of their 38 Special types is 16 quot to 18 quot gelatin test a . 22 LR. I had the good fortune to win the revolver event just ahead of Tamara Keel handgun editor for Shooting Illustrated and Gail Pepin producer editor of the ProArms Podcast. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire WMR ammunition. 32 H amp R . 357 mag vs 44 mag gel test